High quality component for a variety of uses

Ford Component Sales (FCS) has been supplying engines/ transmissions and components to a wide variety of industries all over the world since 2007 formerly being known and trading as Ford Power Products.

Ford has long been involved in the supply of components to the automotive industry, with one of the earliest examples being Morgan Cars in 1933, a company we continue to supply to this day.

If your application is non- automotive then FCS can also offer powertrains for hovercraft, combined heat & power (CHP) units, water pumps, snowmobiles etc.

FCS also supplies major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) within the agricultural, construction, municipal and off-highway market sectors.

FCS is best-known for business dealings with leading specialist automotive manufacturers such as Morgan, Caterham, Ginetta, AC Cars, Elemental and Radical.

Why Choose us?

Simple economics; it makes sense for low-volume manufacturers to employ the resources of a global giant by dipping into is extensive parts bin for appropriate powertrain and components. 

It means that design and development costs are kept to a minimum as they do not have to be designed from scratch, whilst offering part reliability and quality at competitive prices. FCS ready-made solutions get new products to market much faster!

Current product range

We offer powertrains, transmissions, interiors, electrical and chassis components to a wide range of industries, many of which are finding very innovative uses for them.


Powertrain – Engines and transmissions


Engine capacities range from 1.0-litre to 12.7-litre with 3 cylinder to V8 configurations. 

Fuel capabilities include petrol, diesel, hybrid, flexi-fuel engine variants such as Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). 

We also offer a wide range of matching transmissions from five to six speed manuals, six and ten speed automatics and available in front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive and four wheel drive configurations.

Engine Type Displacement Power (PS @ RPM)
Compression Ratio
1.0L Fox GTDI
Spec sheet download
1.0L – 999cc (61.0 cu in) 92Kw (123PS) @6000 10.0 : 1
1.1L Fox Classic 85PS PFI
Spec sheet download
1.1L (66 cu. In) 63Kw @6300 11.5 : 1
1.5L Dragon GTDI
Spec sheet download
1.5L – 1497 150Kw (200PS) @6000  11:1
2.0L EcoBoost I4
Spec sheet download
2.0L (122 cu. In) 186.4Kw @5500 10.0 : 1
2.0L Panther
Spec sheet download
2.0L – 1996cc 139Kw (190PS) @3500  16.5 : 1
2.5L I4 PFI
Spec sheet download
2.5L 122Kw (164PS) @5500  9.7 : 1
3.5L Duratec PFDI
Spec sheet download
3.5L (213 cu in) 275Kw @6500  10.0 : 1
Spec sheet download
3.5L (213 cu in) 310Kw @5500  10.0 : 1
7.3L V8 PFI
Spec sheet download
7.3L (445 cu in) 430Kw @5500  10.5 : 1


In addition to supplying powertrain components, FCS can supply any Ford Group component for use in the OEM sector.

Whether it be for the automotive, or the industrial sector where customers manufacturing agricultural, construction, municipal and off-highway equipment demand quality components for their products.

Aftermarket – Your manufacturing alternative for OE Quality component parts

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