• Get the most out of your vehicle by connecting to the FordPass App or your Ford Account to unlock powerful features. Create a driver profile, pre-set your vehicle's settings and customise your drive experience before it even arrives.

    The FordPass app and Ford Account give you access to features such as:

    • Charging management for electric vehicles.
    • Trip planning for electric vehicles.
    • Climate conditioning.
    • Ambient lighting and sound control.
    • Vehicle handling.
  • FordPass gives you the tools to easily manage and customise your public and home charging experience on the go. Monitor charging progress, set charging schedules, save your favourite charging stations, pay for charging and more.

  • Much like setting an alarm, pre-conditioning prepares your vehicle for the day ahead. With your vehicle plugged-in, you can enter planned commute times and preferred cabin temperatures and 'wake' your vehicle each day. These simple actions help preserve battery range and make sure your vehicle is charged and ready to go when you are. 

  • Plan your next trip hassle-free with Power My Trip which factors in your current state of charge and identifies charging points along your route.

  • Once you apply your profile in the vehicle, access to Remote Vehicle Setup will be limited and you will need to manage your settings directly in-vehicle or in the FordPass App. 

  • Your profile is automatically saved as you enter your information. If you return to the Remote Vehicle Setup app to make any changes to those settings (before applying your profile), you will need to save and send before exiting the app.

  • In order for your settings to be applied in your vehicle you must complete the following steps:

    • Click 'Send to Vehicle' from the Remote Vehicle Setup summary page
    • Start your ignition
    • Park in an area with a strong network connection
    • Allow a few minutes for your personalised welcome screen to appear
    • Press 'Continue' from the welcome screen
    • Follow the prompts to apply your settings or make changes
    • Do not operate the vehicle or move from the screen until your profile is fully applied. This may take up to 2 minutes. If you are still having issues, please contact your dealer for assistance.
  • The following settings will be accessible from the main menu in your vehicle:

    Profile Photo: press your profile photo at the top of your SYNC screen.

    Saved Places: press Navigation, then the search bar.

    Departure Times: press your profile photo at the top of your SYNC screen. Scroll down until you see Departure and Comfort.

    Drive Experiences: press your profile photo at the top of your SYNC screen. Then, select Controls. Scroll down until you see Drive Experiences.

    Radio Presets: press Radio. Select Stations.

    Schedule Software Updates: press your profile photo at the top of your SYNC screen. Then, select Controls. Scroll down until you see Software Updates.

  • We only use the information we collect to deliver a more personalised driving and charging experience. For example, your vehicle location is used to find nearby charging stations and provide navigation services. Please see our FordPass Privacy Policy and Ford Connected Vehicle Privacy Policy for more information.

  • Our vehicles are connected vehicles designed to enhance your driving and charging experiences with time-saving features such as charge management, trip planning, start/stop, lock/unlock and even pre-conditioning of the vehicle. If you don't connect to FordPass or your Ford Account you won't have access to any connected features and won't be using your vehicle to its full potential.

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