For over 100 years, creating iconic vehicles that unlock freedom and adventure has been at the heart of what we do – but so too has championing new ways of thinking about how we move.

It’s why we’re calling for radical change.

Asking whether – for some journeys – we even need to drive at all.

Park The Car is all about changing the small habits to make a big difference. Leave the car at home for short journeys to cycle or walk instead, helping you to be more active while reducing your carbon footprint.

Feets on the road


Want to help to reduce your impact on the environment – and in a way that could benefit your health and help your community? Most urban car journeys are less than 5 kmTooltip. But if these trips could be made by bicycle or on foot, replacing just one small car journey not only helps reduce congestion, but can also lower your daily carbon footprint by up to 67%Tooltip.


This may be the last thing you’d expect a car manufacturer to say, but we believe this is what’s needed to get us on the road to better. Here are a few ways we’re helping people to discover a whole new way of moving.