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October 12, 2020


Increased awareness of how air quality can affect our health is driving cities, companies and individuals to find ways to reduce emissions and take responsibility for their environmental impact.

To promote cleaner air where it is needed most, we are introducing new technology so that our plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) commercial vehicles operate in zero-emission electric-only mode while driving through sensitive areas.

Using live location data, our new Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid van and Tourneo Custom Plug-In Hybrid people mover can automatically switch to electric drive mode whenever they enter predefined areas such as congestion and low emission zones, helping to keep air clean on city streets.

Custom “green zones” can be created to encourage low-emission driving around places such as schools or playgrounds. And, when the vehicle leaves a controlled zone, it can automatically switch to the most appropriate drive mode for the rest of its journey – for example, engaging the onboard EcoBoost petrol engine to generate electric power and extend the vehicle’s range.

Our European trials have shown how PHEVs offer a practical every-day solution for van owners and businesses working in the city, enabling them to complete longer journeys when required. There is no reduction in payload or load volume compared with a conventional diesel model and, as PHEVs aren’t reliant on charging infrastructure, there is no range or charge anxiety either.

Mark Harvey, Commercial Vehicle Mobility Director

Improving the quality of air – and quality of life – in our towns and cities is a goal that we all have a responsibility to drive towards. The Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid and its new geofencing feature helps our customers to make a real contribution to that goal without compromising on efficiency or productivity.