Mach-E & Me: The Final Episode

Kevin McKenna

In the final episode of ‘Mach-E & Me’ we head over to Cologne, our German home, to meet a legend of the Bundesliga. Canadian hero Kevin McKenna or ‘Macka’ to his fans, reflects on his 7-season career at Cologne FC and finding a rewarding new career once he’d hung up his boots.

“I think the biggest thing in professional sports is not to lose the fun of things.”
Kevin McKenna, Ex Cologne FC footballer and Coach at FC Köln

Now a coach at FC Köln, he’s passing on his skills and experience to the upcoming talent of the next generation. Instilling in them the importance of never losing sight of the joy in playing the beautiful game. And speaking of joy, he’s discovered a whole new level of it with his Mustang Mach-E. It’s seamless handling, immersive stereo system and whisper-quiet performance have made it his favourite ever Ford. Watch the film to find out more.

“I just love how quiet it is. Get it up to a good speed, it doesn’t even feel like you’re driving it. It’s really sporty.”
Kevin McKenna, Ex Cologne FC footballer and Coach at FC Köln

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