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Regular servicing helps to keep your Ford at its best and reduce the risk of costly, unforeseen repairs. That’s why we recommend having regular service intervals for your Ford. Some benefits to regular scheduled servicing are that your vehicle manufacturer warranty* will be protected, and it can also help to maintain the potential resale value.


By having regular services through Ford, you will benefit from attractive pricing and convenient appointment bookings. You will also get the added peace of mind that all work is carried out by Ford trained experts, using genuine Ford-approved parts.

We’ll be happy to walk around your car with you to confirm what work needs to be done. Alternatively, see what our technicians see with our free Ford Video CheckFord Video Check is a 30-point, sent straight to your phone. You’ll receive a video of the 30-point vehicle check, a simple summary of the results and, if needed, a no-obligation estimate for any work recommended by our technicians.

You can find out online when your next scheduled service is due by simply logging into your Ford Account. You can also find the recommended service schedule in the service portfolio supplied with your vehicle.


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*For complete details, see our limited warranty at a Dealer near you.


  • We know your Ford better than anyone. A Ford service comes with a range of benefits to help your car stay at its best:

    • Improved reliability and value retention of your vehicle.
    • Inspection of the parts most susceptible to wear and tear and, following consultation, immediate repair.
    • Use of genuine Ford approved parts.
  • The way you drive can significantly affect how often you need an oil change. The Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor (IOLM) in Ford vehicles monitors your engine oil and will alert you with a message in the instrument cluster if the oil needs changing.

    To help increase the time between your oil change intervals, we recommend the following:

    • Avoid leaving the engine running when at a standstill. This increases fuel consumption and causes unnecessary wear to your engine.
    • If you don’t use your vehicle regularly, try to ensure you run it above 1,700 rpm for at least 15 minutes every week.
    • If the message ”oil change required” is displayed, please contact your local Ford Dealer.
    • The IOLM will be reset by your Ford Dealer after the engine oil has been changed.
  • When should I get my car serviced?

    Service intervals vary by vehicle model and engine type, but are specified in the Service Portfolio supplied with your vehicle and can also be found in our maintenance schedule portal. For further enquiries please contact your local Ford Dealer who is best placed to confirm the exact schedule for your vehicle and also advise of any recall or service actions that may be outstanding on your vehicle. For more information, check our Service & Repair pages.

    How can I keep my Ford in the best condition between scheduled services?

    Every vehicle is prone to wear and tear. But by having yours checked regularly, you can maximise the chances of everything running smoothly and preventing unnecessary – and often expensive – repairs later on.

    How do I know what my next service or inspection requirement is?

    The quickest and easiest way to ensure you book the correct service or inspection for your vehicle is by using our new Online Booking Service tool.

    Why do you offer variable oil service intervals and fixed service intervals?

    Variable oil service intervals offer each customer the lowest possible cost of ownership, based on their individual vehicle usage. The rate at which engine oil life is depleted depends on the vehicle driving conditions. So the engine’s oil may require changing before the published maximum service intervals for some users. The variable oil service has no impact on the mandatory maintenance intervals. The Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor also helps to protect engines from premature wear & damage.

    The following factors can reduce the time between oil change intervals:

    • Frequent, low-speed city-centre driving (below 30 mph)
    • Regular short journeys (below 2 miles)
    • High engine load conditions, e.g. driving the vehicle fully loaded, trailer towing, frequent hill climbs


    If the ‘Oil change required’ message is displayed in the instrument cluster before the published service interval, can the vehicle be used without an oil change?

    If the message is displayed the oil must be changed within 1,000 miles or 1 month (whichever occurs first) and the IOLM should be reset by your Ford dealer. Not changing the oil will lead to premature engine wear, damage or even failure.

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