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Wear and Tear

Wear and Tear

Our wear and tear repair services

Every car is prone to wear and tear, whether or not it’s a Ford. And the older it gets, the more vulnerable it becomes. Our Wear and Tear repair services enable you to find out if your car has any problems and solve them before they worsen.

You can have Wear and Tear checks and repairs carried out at your Ford Dealer.

Wherever you decide to go, the technicians are Ford-trained to ensure Ford quality servicing and repairs. They also use Ford original parts and Ford alternative parts, which are manufactured according to our specifications and production standard. These spare parts offer the quality, performance and fit of components used for new vehicles.

Find out more about Ford original parts.

  • A guide to our Wear and Tear checks.

    This range of checks is designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to catch any small problems before they grow.

    Free Visual Healthcheck by trained technicians

    Whenever you have a service or repair at one of our Dealers, you can also have a Visual Healthcheck, free of charge.

    Our technicians will carry out a detailed visual check and provide a written report and a no-obligation estimate for any work required, also assessing how urgently it’s needed.

    Air conditioning check

    This four-part check is designed to discover any faults in the air-con system, before they affect its performance or permanently damage it.

    You should also recharge your system with gas and lubricant every two years, since around 15% of the gas escapes annually, affecting its efficiency.

    Oil and filter change

    To avoid costly engine damage and keep your car performing at its best, you need to change your oil and filter at least once a year. This will also lower your fuel consumption, saving you money and reducing your CO2 emissions.

    Wiper blade replacement

    Elements in the atmosphere can progressively damage your wipers. This can stop them working properly and, ultimately, affect visibility, which could cause an accident. That’s why all Ford wiper blades have a wear indicator showing when they need changing.

    Free tyre safety checks

    In the interests of safety, it’s very important to fit good tyres. It’s equally important to avoid them becoming too worn – not just for safety reasons, but also because you can incur a heavy fine and penalty points on your licence. You can have them checked any time, free of charge, at your Ford Dealer.

    Find out more about Tyre Checks.

    Annual Body and Paint Check

    This check is designed to uncover any rusting of your Ford’s bodywork. But don’t worry, the bodywork is covered against rust-through from the inside for up to 12 years (depending on the model), so the chances are we’ll meet the cost of any repairs necessary.

  • Where to go for Wear and Tear checks or a Ford Value Service.

    To arrange some Wear and Tear checks or, if your car is over three years old, a Ford Value Service, contact your Ford Dealer.



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