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Ford in partnership with Red Bull

March 01, 2021

Matt Jones: Design and Conquer

The new series ‘Design and Conquer’ reveals the sheer will and courage that goes into mastering tricks that have never been attempted before. But to pull off something as big as this, you need more than just nerves of steel. You also need to be an engineer, mathematician and physicist. Over the course of 4 episodes Matt and his twin brother Jono reveal the extreme planning process behind three world firsts.

Three world firsts - explained.

A ‘Backflip Bomb Drop’, Superman Gainer and 720 Tuc to Bar.


Practice makes ‘almost’ perfect.

From finding the right location, building the jumps, getting the angles and let’s not forget - taking your bike frame to the swimming pool, this is the ultimate behind the scenes look at the dedication needed to be a top MTB athlete and keep fans wanting more.

The physical and mental challenges.

Hitting a wall both mentally and physically came as no surprise to Matt and his team when he first dreamed up trying to complete tricks that have never been landed before (anywhere in the world). Through the journey he turned to fellow athletes Gee Atherton, Kriss Kyle and Kye Forte for sound advice, drawing inspiration and getting his head in the game.


With the help of Red Bull and the Ford Ranger Raptor, does Matt manage to overcome the many obstacles standing in his way and land ALL THREE tricks?

Binge watch the series now to find out: