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Share The Road: Making our roads safer for everyone

Roads are for sharing

There are more people on our roads than ever before. And an increasing number of them are cyclists. So it’s important to encourage a spirit of understanding and respect between every road user, whether they’re travelling on four wheels or two. That’s why Ford has launched Share The Road – a campaign designed to improve road safety for everyone, whilst also helping to ease congestion.

Ford Share The Road

As someone who frequently travels on both two wheels and four wheels, I have experienced first‑hand many of the frustrations – and dangers – that drivers and cyclists encounter on our roads today. The safe integration of increasingly diverse modes of transportation is key to how we make our cities safer and easier for everyone to get about in, now and in the future.

Steven Armstrong, President and CEO, Ford of Europe, Middle East & Africa.
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How you can do your bit

If Share The Road sounds like a campaign you could get behind, then we’ve made it easy to spread the word. Just follow the link below to show you’re committed to change and want to help make roads safer for everyone.

Technology that shows you a different view

WheelSwap is an innovative virtual reality experience – one that enables users to see the world from either a cyclist’s or a driver’s point of view. The aim of WheelSwap is simple: to encourage people to make a few small changes to the way they drive or cycle so that everyone is a bit safer on the road.

Try WheelSwap at home on your own VR headset using the films below or click here to find out when the next Driving Skills For Life events are taking place.

Ford cycling virtual reality experience
Ford car sharing

How Ford is committed to making a difference

Taking a fresh look at transport and finding smarter ways to get people around can make a big difference, particularly in busy cities with poor air quality and increasing congestion. That’s why Ford is focused on improving mobility around the world. Our Smart Mobility Plan incorporates vehicle sharing and e-bikes for commuters and commercial users. The Plan also includes FordPass cycle hire and crowd-sourced Chariot shuttle buses. Together, these and many other ideas will support our mission to change the way the world moves.

Handy hints, useful tips

We’ve asked road safety experts Brake to put together a list of helpful tips and hints that can help make everyone a more considerate road user. So, whether you’re a cyclist or a van driver, there’s sure to be something you can change for the better. And that will make getting from A to B easier, more enjoyable and safer for everyone.

Ford support car driving beside cyclists