At Ford, we have a proud heritage and an exciting future. But what good is aiming to build the world’s best vehicles without thinking about the world we build them for?

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From day one, we’ve provided people with the tools to help them move forward and have innovated to expand their opportunities. Now, with an eye to future generations, we’re building more sustainable transportation, using fuel-efficient engines and are on the road to electrification.  

Sustainability is a core part of Ford’s business strategy. With smart manufacturing solutions and an exciting range of technologically advanced, fuel-efficient options, we’re really only getting started.

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New vehicles are in development that will complement our already-electrified icons, such as the Mustang Mach-E, and E-Transit and we’re investing $2 billion to modernise our vehicle assembly facility in Cologne, Germany, preparing for our all-electric future

Meanwhile, we’ve committed another £230 million to transforming our vehicle transmission facility In Halewood, UK, to build electric power units for upcoming Ford models. 

We are determined to reach an important target – that 100% of our passenger vehicles will be all-electric and two-thirds of commercial vehicles to be all-electric or plug-in hybrid by 2030. A milestone on that path is our plan to sell more than 600,000 electric vehicles in Europe by 2026.

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We know how crucial it is to have the infrastructure in place to support these ambitious plans and at a basic level, we’ll all need somewhere to charge up. Ford’s BlueOval™ Charge Network can help take the anxiety out of your journey, giving access to more than 300,000 public fast charging stations across Europe, with a single sign up.

ford mustang charging at charging station

We’re leading efforts to create safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation networks with a wide range of mobility options. We hope to improve everything from traffic flow to parking and create a world with fewer obstacles and limits. 

From making home charging simple, to supporting electrified commercial fleets, we’re doing everything we can to support our customers’ adoption of a whole new way to drive. 

As a company, we’re also looking at our own attitudes and we’re doing a lot of work to ensure we improve quality, reduce costs and modify and simplify the way we operate. Not only will this help Ford exceed customers’ expectations, it will make electric vehicle ownership more accessible and rewarding. There’s so much to look forward to. 

You can read more about our values and determination to make positive contributions to the world around us in our Sustainability Report. Every day, we’re working towards our long-term goal, that by 2035, all vehicle sales will achieve zero emissions whilst driving, as well as carbon neutrality across our European footprint of facilities, logistics and suppliers.

As Stuart Rowley, President of Ford Europe points out, “Europeans care about climate change and they’re ready to take a number of individual actions to help fight it. Ford is all-in on electrification, and we are proud to be a leader in helping consumers make the switch to electrified vehicles.” 

Are you ready to drive into the future? We want to help build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. Join us on the journey. 

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