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Ford is serious about reducing carbon emissions and preserving the planet for future generations, and it is taking dramatic steps in order to do so. Ford is targeting carbon neutrality in Europe by 2035, including all of its vehicles, production facilities and supporting logistics.

However, preserving the planet and building a safer, healthier world requires more than electrified vehicles - in fact sometimes it requires no vehicle at all. This is why Ford launched the Park the Car initiative, to encourage people to make healthy and informed choices about their travel habits, especially over short distances. Walking and cycling can help improve both physical and mental health, as well as ease traffic congestion in built-up areas.

Why Park The Car?

At Ford, we have always encouraged responsible driving and road use. Driving responsibly used to be a straightforward message about actions behind the wheel, but in today’s world it means far more. Taking care of the environment is a shared responsibility, and swapping just one car journey a day for active travel can reduce a person’s daily carbon footprint.

Currently, 60% of journeys under 2 miles made in the UK are made by car, and 68% of brits exclusively drive to work. With just over 32M cars on the road across the nation, this creates a lot of unnecessary traffic jams.

By swapping just one journey a week from car to walking or cycling, we could help reduce congestion and carbon emissions. Parking the Car is not only good for the planet, but it is also good for our bodies and minds. Walking and cycling over short distances can also help keep bones and muscles healthy, as well as helping clear your head before the working day.

How Are We Doing This?

Ford is partnering with a number of organisations, businesses and charities to enable as many people as possible to Park the Car. We know that everyone has different reasons for driving, and we want to ensure that everyone has the tools and information to make healthy travel choices to fit in to their lifestyle.