Ford Pro and Tom Skinner’s
Top Tips for Hosting Tradeys


A Bosh-Approved Campaign 


A Warm Welcome

Finding a reliable tradesperson is like finding a pot of gold for homeowners these days.

With over a million skilled workers needed in the next decade to meet this demand, it's crucial to give your Ford Transit-driving tradeys a warm welcome to keep your home in shipshape.

Ford Pro has enlisted the help of TV personality and absolute fridge freezer Tom Skinner to get to the bottom of what homeowners and tradeys want from each other to maintain a strong relationship.

As well as this, Ford surveyed 500 tradespeople and 1,000 homeowners across the UK to explore the challenges affecting this relationship and highlighted what can really seal the deal for a valuable tradey-customer bond...

Ford's Top Tips: Bosh Approved



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Top Tip 1: A Smooth Entrance

A whopping three-quarters of tradespeople arrive for a job without a designated parking space or permit – one of the largest causes of frustration in the profession. 

Offering a convenient place to park up their Transit not only removes the burden of searching for a spot nearby, but also streamlines the entire process, enhancing convenience for both parties involved.



Top Tip 2: A Coffee and a Chat Can Go a Long Way

The hot drink still stands strong in the UK, with 70% of homeowners always offering their tradey a brew. 

However, nearly 40% of homeowners admit they don't make the effort of friendly chit chat when their tradeys arrive. 

It's these simple gestures that can make them feel appreciated and valued, resulting in a better experience for them, and you! 



Top Tip 3: Make Yourself Invisible

Another top tradey frustration (reported by 60%) is feeling pressured to rush through jobs quickly, closely followed by being under the constant watch of the homeowner (49%).

Making yourself scarce ensures a more productive and seamless experience for everyone.  So, leave your tradey in peace, whilst they do what they do best. 



Top Tip 4: A Friendly Host Means a Dream Job

Half of tradespeople say they go the extra mile when working for friendly homeowners. Not only that, but they're more likely to swing by again.

So, being a good host isn't just about coffee and cookies—it could mean top-notch service and a go-to tradey!



A Final Word from Tom


"Great Britain is full of lovely people, and we should all be looking out for each other and treating people with respect.

"I love having tradespeople in my home, and when you find one that’s the absolute guv’nor you must be good to them.

"Give them your best biscuits, keep them out of trouble with traffic wardens and don’t hover over them for goodness sake, BOSH!”

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