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Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering

The Ford Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering is a dynamic learning programme for individuals who are passionate about engineering. It equips you with the practical and theoretical knowledge to drive a successful and fulfilling career in Ford. You will complete a comprehensive training programme which is over and above the requirements of a standard Apprenticeship; developing planning, teamwork and communication skills. 

The Ford Apprenticeship has been designed to help you develop your skills to support the manufacture of the latest Ford products and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. 

The programme consists of both on and off the job training. On the job training will take place at the relevant Ford operation dependent upon the discipline you follow and the recruiting area's requirements. Off the job training takes place locally to the region you apply. 

Opportunities available differ by location and will depend upon the business requirements at that time. Below is an example of potential disciplines:

  • Electro-mechanical craftsperson
  • Toolmaker
  • Prototype mechanic

How to Apply

Hear more from our apprentices

  • I am a Ford apprentice because Ford has got a renowned apprenticeship programme and it has been labelled as one of the best apprenticeships in the country. Ford also gives apprentices great opportunities to better themselves by providing a good education and the opportunity to study for higher education. I had the decision to go into higher education or go through the apprenticeship, and the Ford scheme had better prospects and provided me with more opportunities compared to the university route.

  • I am an apprentice at Ford because: When I first joined the company back in 2007, I knew I had come to work for an employer who could offer so much in terms of development. I enjoyed the work, the variety of new people I met and the surroundings. It was here I became aware of Mech/Elecs and Engineers and the sort of work they did. I made friends with some at both the Dagenham Diesel Centre where I was originally based and then the Dagenham Engine Plant. When I found out about the recruitment for Apprentices back in August last year, I knew I had to apply for an opportunity I was keen to have. Although it has meant some sacrifice and a leap into the unknown, I have already learnt a lot and I am so glad I went for it. Even at the beginning of my training I am already looking forward to my future career at Ford in Dunton.

  • I'm a Ford apprentice because it offers me great career prospects for my future, especially in this day and age of youth unemployment. I am very interested in engineering, especially the mechanical side and so I am very interested in the job that I do, I love to learn more about mechanical engineering and have the great opportunity to do so with Ford.

  • I am an apprentice at Ford because of my interest in engineering. I first started becoming interested in engineering at home, where my dad (also a tool maker at Ford Motor Company) would do odd jobs around the house and I would often help. I enjoyed seeing how things could be made and adapted to fit different things around my house. I then decided to choose Engineering as a GCSE subject at secondary school to learn more about the in depth subject. This was where I started to explore the different aspects of Engineering, i.e. design, finance and the manufacture of a work piece. I gained an A* in this subject at the end of year 11.

  • I am an apprentice at Ford because I have always aspired to be an Engineer and the Ford apprenticeship offered me high quality training in both academic and hands on areas which will develop me as an engineer and lead on to a long and exciting career with one of the world’s greatest car manufacturers. The training provided on the apprenticeship is outstanding in both quality and quantity which offers total preparation for an engineering career. So far in the apprenticeship scheme I am very impressed with the training provided, especially in hands on skills such as turning, milling and building circuits. Ford is an exciting and dynamic company to work for, leading the way in the vehicle market and I cannot wait to be part of a global design team developing class leading vehicles.

  • I am an apprentice at Ford because I have always had an interest in mechanics and using hands on methods to create things and fix broken items I owned. I have also always had an interest in how things worked often trying to find out how it worked by taking it apart or asking someone I thought would know. Since joining the apprenticeship I have enjoyed learning all of the different aspects of Engineering and finding out how vast a subject Engineering is. I chose to apply to ford because it is a workplace where there are a lot of opportunities available meaning you can take many different paths depending on what your skill set is and what work you enjoy most.