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Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) at Ford is a critical enabler to the entire Ford strategy, and is at the centre of our global vision for the future. 

We have a unique enterprise-wide view of processes, process efficiency and time to market, and our vision includes globally optimising IT to enable customers to configure Ford vehicles online for purchase, engineers to utilise virtual design and testing capabilities, factories to build cars to order and improving the in-vehicle intelligence for safety, economy and entertainment.

Upon joining us, you’ll work in one of three major global teams, each with different roles:

  • Software development teams including full-stack software engineering & project leadership
  • Business facing teams planning future IT strategy and projects
  • Operations teams entrusted with running our most critical systems day to day

You'll also find we embrace change to constantly improve, for example, moving to agile development practices globally to enable Ford to be as nimble, efficient, and cutting-edge as possible.

On a personal level, development isn't something we just talk about either. 

The cornerstone of your development will be the ability to rotate through varied IT roles*. You will choose whether to experience different roles across our wider business-facing and operations teams or to focus upon a particular technical discipline and move between projects/departments. Either way, there’s no chance you'll be bored!

When you join us, you will benefit from our structured Competency Development Framework to help you understand what your contribution will be. You will be assigned objectives with impact from the start, enabling you to enjoy the challenge of making a real difference in your role from day one.

We also offer a strong support framework for new hires, beginning with your supervisor and a community of your peers, and continuing with all the support you will need to direct your own learning, with the freedom to explore topics of interest to you.

What else should you look forward to? Well you can expect to

  • develop strong leadership and communication skills through global interaction across the company
  • hone your ability to analyse problems to find and apply solutions to new or existing processes, software and hardware
  • certain roles will develop specific technical skills 
  • others will focus on key leadership competencies, such as Project Management. 

Whatever you do with us, you will find exciting opportunities to contribute at an international level across our global organisation.

If you’re an IT professional keen to work in a variety of challenging global roles, make a real contribution and enjoy high-quality development, a career at Ford could be the perfect solution.

* not applicable to Business Placements / Vacation Trainees