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A snowy driveway

December 2013

Merry S-MAX

By Jason Richards

We all know that a dog is for life and not just for XMAS. However, what I’ve learnt over the festive period is that while an S-MAX is for life it is really handy if you can also have one for XMAS.

XMAS is a time for sharing, giving and enjoying but above all else lugging everything from Christmas trees and presents to family and racing chairs all over the place. My S-MAX has been both the perfect utility vehicle and family car over the holiday season.

My realisation began in mid-December when I had taken my twins to visit my parents. This meant that my S-MAX already had two car seats and my wheelchair stowed inside. During the visit I was discussing Christmas trees with my parents and they alerted me to the fact that the local village log merchant was selling the most fabulous trees. Within an hour the S-MAX had swallowed up a six-foot Christmas tree for the return journey. Once at home I realised the magnitude of this magnificent tree as I was unable to get it into the house, despite me and my five-year-old twins tugging and pulling it in every direction. We gave up in the end and left the tree in the garage until able-bodied assistance appeared. The effort was definitely worth it when the twins and I dressed the tree the following weekend and it can be seen here in its full glory. Answers on a postcard please as to how a man in a wheelchair and five-year-old twins managed to get the fairy on top of the tree.

Christmas morning arrived and I loaded what seemed like a mountain of presents into the S-MAX, as the heated windscreen cleared the frost. I was soon on my way to the twins’ house along the deserted roads as the sun began to rise. It was an early start to arrive by 8 o’clock and be able to enjoy and share the delights of the day with my excited offspring but the S-MAX swept me effortlessly along as the Christmas songs played out on the radio.

Shortly after arriving, the presents were unloaded and the S-MAX looked somewhat empty for the first time in December. This was short lived as very soon it was filled with car seats, winter clothes and all the presents minus their wrapping paper as the twins piled in to come and stay with me for three days.

The weather on Boxing Day was dry for a change and the twins were keen to get out and about on their bikes. We were due at my parents’ house again and so in order not to disappoint the twins I loaded up their bikes into the S-MAX, along with my racing chair, so that I could join them in the fresh air. The low tailgate on the S-MAX meant I was easily able to lift the bikes and racing chair up and in without struggling, despite my hands being freezing cold. You’d think that two bikes, two car seats, a racing wheelchair, an everyday wheelchair and three people would fill any car. However, there was still plenty of room in the S-MAX for a Christmas pudding and a large Scalextric set.

I think the Boxing Day load was the pinnacle of luggage-carrying capacity in the S-MAX as over the following days it seemed somewhat empty and cavernous, while retaining the feeling of comfort and luxury.

The S-MAX has carried everything in 2012 from the Boxing Day load to a 1958 Robin Day sofa bed so I’m hoping it will be a Happy New Year as my S-MAX is then for life and not just for XMAS.

Now all I need is a dog!