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Jason in bakery

From Harrogate to Hollywood

This is not the story of a long haul flight to the United States but rather a tale of new found bread making skills. There was no sign of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood but a great bake off was had at the Feast Rising Bakery in Hull.

Earlier this year my partner and I set off extremely early one Sunday morning to the Feast Rising Bakery in Hull to embark on an artisan bread making course. It was a typical baker’s early start so we departed with coffee in the SMAX to wake us up. We soon arrived in comfort in Hull and negotiated into the tightest of car parking spaces. We were warmly greeted by Patrick who took us through into his tiny bakery which was already warm from the heat of the ovens and the delicious tea cakes he had prepared for our breakfast. Very soon there were 5 of us stood around in aprons for a lesson in yeast, flour, gluten, water and percentage saturation, fermentation and how much artisan bread differs from the enhanced loaves on the supermarket shelves.

After the theory we embarked on our first loaf of the day and were soon adding tepid water to flour and fresh yeast. It was surprising low energy bread, or so it seemed without any kneading. It was all in the proving and as our first batches were left to rise and work their magic we moved onto something Italian. A Focaccia was next on the production line along with pizza for our lunch.

As the day progressed we jumped between practice and theory as we waited for the dough’s to ferment and prove before knocking them back and shaping them. After tasting the most incredible pizza for lunch my excitement was building and my thoughts turning to the festival of breads we would be taking home. One by one the various loaves and buns were drawn from the ovens, filling the air with the most sensational aroma of fresh bread, herbs and real handmade delights.

The golden crusts brought colour to a cold grey day as the bread was spread out on the central island and we all admired our creations with pride and desire.

As we drove home after a long day of baking the SMAX was filled with the delightful aroma of freshly baked bread, making my mouth water and my tummy rumble. The styling of the SMAX does not really lend itself to a delivery van but on this occasion our huge tray of bread was transported around family members as we took the scenic route home and delivered our wares to some very eager recipients.