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  • Where can I buy Ford Accessories? 
    Accessories are available at Ford Dealers across the country. Your dealer will be happy to tell you what’s available for your model. 
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    Why should I buy Ford Accessories?

    Ford accessories are high quality products which allow you to personalise your Ford. They are designed specifically for your model and engineered and tested to Ford standards. What is more, if you are buying your new vehicle on finance, your accessories can be included in your finance agreement.

    What are Supplier Branded Accessories?
    Supplier Branded Accessories are carefully selected products, manufactured to high quality standards, from reputable suppliers such as Thule, TomTom and Britax. Supplier Branded Accessories do not come with a Ford warranty, but are covered by the third party supplier’s own warranty, the details of which are available from your Ford Dealer. 

    What's the differences between 7 and 13 pin electrical connectors for tow bars?
    The 7 pin solution contains all the necessary connectors to safely operate the obligatory trailer lighting system. The 13 pin harness provides additional connections for powering facilities and special equipment on your caravan such as a fridge, cabin lighting, leisure battery charging and reversing lamps. Ford electrical kits are built to the highest safety standards to prevent any failures to your vehicles electrical system and ensure the safe operation of any additional features. 

    Why should I buy alloy wheels for my Ford?
    Our alloy wheels are four extra touches of style for your vehicle. You can choose from the finest materials and a range of styles – machined, silver, grey or black. As well as looking great, they’ve been manufactured to the highest standards.

    Where can I get a map update for my factory-fitted Ford navigation system?
    TomTom map updates for factory-fitted Ford satellite navigation systems are available from your Ford Dealer, for more information about satellite navigation updates please click through to our TomTom satellite navigation update.