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BatteriesMotorcraft repairs

The power behind your car’s technologies.

Ford cars incorporate many sophisticated technologies, therefore they require equally advanced batteries to power them.

With high capacities and high levels of starting power and durability Motorcraft batteries’ Calcium-Plus technology is designed to meet the highest demands of your Ford. This high quality is matched by attractive prices and the reassurance of a three-year warranty.

KA, Fiesta,
Fusion, B-MAX, EcoSport (Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)

Transit / Tourneo Connect (Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
Replace battery

From £63.99

44 Ah, 440 CCA

From £79.99

60 Ah,  540 CCA

From £63.99

44 Ah, 440 CCA
From £79.99

60 Ah, 540 CCA
From £114.99

70 Ah, 640 CCA
From £114.99

70 Ah, 640 CCA

(Other higher power batteries are available. Speak to your Dealer to identify the correct battery for your vehicle.)

*Exclusions apply. Click here for full terms and conditions and a full list of exclusions.

All published prices are recommended retail prices and include parts, labour and VAT. All prices apply to Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles with up to and including 2.5L engines and are applicable to retail customers only. RS models and LPG derivatives are excluded. See full terms and conditions for more information.

Make use of our expert fitting service 

Not only is it important to choose the right battery, you need to ensure it is fitted correctly to avoid harming or interfering with your car’s technologies.

  • Your Ford Dealer can replace your car’s battery safely and professionally.
  • Plus you’ll receive a Free FORD eCHECK, a 30 point visual health check


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