Ford Account - Changing Personal Details

You can change your personal details in your Ford Account at any time. Just log in to your Ford Account and select Your Account > Settings from the dropdown menu. This will display the account settings.

Here you can update your personal information and marketing preferences.

If you have the FordPass app, any changes to personal details you make here will be reflected in the app. Likewise, changes made in the app will be reflected in your Ford Account.

Need to change the email address for your account?

Unfortunately, you can't change the email address associated with your Ford Account. This is because it is also your unique username. If you do need to use a different email address, the best option is to create a fresh Ford Account with the new details.

If you have the FordPass app, remember that any changes you make to your Ford Account also affect the app.

Deleting your Ford Account

If you do create a new Ford Account, you may want to delete the old one. To do this, please contact the Ford Guides via the FordPass app.


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