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Safety and Security

S-MAX has Ford’s Advanced Intelligent Protection System which includes a range of technologies designed to assist you, including Emergency Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Control. S-MAX also has ISOFIX compatible attachments for three child seats.

Whte Ford S-MAX in motion in the city

Extra power for emergency braking

Emergency Brake Assist helps your vehicle achieve maximum braking effectiveness in an emergency situation. It’s controlled automatically via the Electronic Stability Control system, which senses how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake yourself and automatically increases it, if necessary.

Stay in control whatever the conditions

Electronic Stability Control constantly monitors your vehicle’s progress. It senses when a vehicle is losing grip and automatically applies a braking pulse to individual wheels, stabilising it. Using advanced sensors from the anti-lock braking and Traction Control System it monitors the behaviour of the vehicle.

Ford S-MAX on a countryside road
Ford S-MAX up-front

Quicker, shorter emergency stops

When it senses an emergency stopping situation, Electronic Stability Control pre-charges the braking system, closing any air gap between brake pads and discs. Known as electronic brake prefill, this technology helps reduce the vehicle’s braking distance.

An advanced airbag system 

An airbag system that incorporates front seat pelvic and thorax airbags.

Red Ford S-MAX from above showing airbag system
Ford S-MAX Thatcham alarm

Protecting and securing
your S-MAX 

A Thatcham Category 1 alarm is a sophisticated system that automatically arms itself when you double-lock your S-MAX. It will sound a powerful alarm if triggered by forced entry, the car being lifted, or if the motion sensors pick up any movement inside. Plus, the technology is designed to help prevent unwanted towing of your S-MAX. With the FordPass AppFordPass SecurityAlert, you can receive a notification if your car’s alarm is activated, no matter where you are, plus SecuriAlert. Alerts you on your smartphone of any unauthorised access attempts – even with a stolen or duplicate key.

Due to customer demand and supply chain disruption, new factory orders are currently unavailable on S-MAX.
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