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How to Add SYNC 2 Wallpaper Photos

A personal photo can be loaded into the system, to be saved as the wallpaper on the home screen.

File formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp. Maximum file size: 1.5MB. Maximum number of photos: 32. Recommended dimensions: 800 x 384 pixels.

  1. Touch Settings
  2. Touch, Display/Edit Wallpaper
  3. Insert a USB or SD Card into the media hub:
  4. Touch Add
  5. The following pop up will appear on screen:
  6. Touch OK
  7. A list of available sources will show
  8. Touch the required option
  9. Touch the name of a properly formatted photo
  10. A pop up saying that the photo is saved to the system will show
  11. Touch Add Photo
  12. A list of photos that have been uploaded to SYNC 2 will show on the right
  13. Select the photo that was just uploaded
  14. The photo will show on the left side of the screen
  15. Touch Save
  16. The image will be set as the wallpaper

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