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Start using 'internet in the car'

  • Search for your in-car Wi-Fi network (SSID) from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  The Wi-Fi key will be displayed on the in-vehicle infotainment system under Seetings-->FordPass Connect--> Vehicle Hotspot --> View Password. 
  • Input the Wi-Fi key/password provided for your hotspot (same as you would in a café/hotel).
  • Once connected, the Internet in the Car Welcome page should load automatically. Alternatively you can access this welcome page using the FordPass App, click on "View Vehicle details" then go to "Vehicle Hotspot" then "Manage my account" this will link you to our partners website where you can log in.
  • In case it does not, click on the internet browser icon on your smart device – if you select a webpage or google you will be redirected to the Internet in the Car Welcome page to register.
  • Register for the service by entering all your personal details and follow the instructions.
  • Welcome Email will be sent to the email address you registered with.
  • Verify your Email as soon as you can, to continue receiving notifications via email.  This is the only way we can communicate with you in future for any password change
  • Legal requirements differ for each country.  Please check your Welcome Email and follow all the instructions; to ensure that you successfully registered for an account.
  • In some countries, you may be required to go to one of the network operator's stores to present your ID in person before your account is activated. 
  • Credit Card or SMS validation is required in some of the countries.  Make sure that you are using a Credit Card or a Mobile Phone that is in your name and from the country you are registering for.
  • Instructions for set up and use will be included in your Welcome Email. 

After successful registration the connection is ready for you to use the Internet.

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