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Commercial Vehicle Classifications and License Requirements

M1 (Mother 1) : Passenger Vehicle for ≤ 8 passengers

  • Category B1 License (up to 8 seats) or higher


M2 (Mother 2):  Passenger vehicle for > 8 passengers & < 5000kg maximum mass. (Bus M2 = 11-17 seat vehicles, vehicles with ≥ 18 seats are a coach)

  • Category D1 License (up to 16 passenger seats + Driver Seat) / Category D License (> 16 Passenger seats + Driver Seat) Limited to 62 mph


CDV: Car Derived Van

  • Category B1 License or higher


ISV: Integrated Style Van (Courier & Connect)

  • Category B1 License or higher


MCV: Medium Commercial Vehicle (GVM must be ≤ 3500kg)

  • Category B1 License or higher


N1 (Nelly 1): GVM ≤ 3500kg (Courier, Connect, Customer & Transit)

  • Category B1 License or higher


N2 (Nelly 2): GVM > 3500kg < 12000kg (470 Transit & Chassis)

  • Category C1 License or higher


HCV: Heavy Commercial Vehicle GVM > 3500kg < 12000kg (470 Transit & Chassis)

  • Category C1 License or higher (limited to 56 mph)


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