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Will there be extra costs for using FordPass Connect™ features when I travel abroad?

In order to use FordPass Connect* or the FordPass/FordPass Pro smartphone apps, you need to have an internet connection on your smartphone. If using cellular please check with your service provider for your data roaming costs.

  • There are no costs for using your FordPass Connect Remote Features (for example Remote Start***, Remote Lock and Unlock) for the first 10 years from the first registration, either at home or abroad.
  • Our automatic emergency call feature, eCall, will never incur extra costs. This feature is free for the lifetime of the vehicle. eCall automatically dials the emergency services after a serious accident. It will send the vehicle location to the emergency services, it enables them to contact the vehicle and check if the driver is conscious or not. This is triggered when the airbag is deployed or the fuel pump switch is deactivated. eCall will work without the need to connect a smartphone to the car. An eCall can also be initiated manually by pressing the SOS button in the overhead console. eCall is available in all EU markets but selected model lines only - please speak to your local Ford Dealer to find out more.
  • Any Wi-Fi Hotspot4* bundles that you have purchased are subject to Vodafone or Vodafone Partner data bundle terms. Please reach out to your local provider for more information.

1- *FordPass Connect enables connected services and is available on selected vehicles or vehicles with navigation. FordPass Connect will be enabled at time of vehicle delivery. You may choose to opt in/out of certain data sharing. Data coverage and service is not available everywhere. Data rates may be incurred. FordPass and Connected Car Privacy Policies apply, available on your local Ford website.

2 -  **FordPass App is compatible with select smartphone platforms and available via download. Data rates may apply.

3 -  ***Remote Start is only available on vehicles with an automatic transmission and is not available on Transit Custom PHEV.

 4*Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 4G LTE) includes a complimentary wireless data trial for a limited time only that begins at time of activation. Afterwards, data bundles can be purchased from Vodafone or a Vodafone partner. Please refer to their website for details of their data packages. To take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability, Ford vehicles must come with the appropriate hardware, and a data plan is required. Data coverage and service is not available everywhere and terms of your data plan, including applicable message and data rates, may apply.

5*Live Traffic is complimentary with FordPass Connect for the first 12 months; thereafter a subscription fee is payable.

6*Local Hazard Information is a subscription service with a one year complimentary trial when you buy your new Ford. uses cookies and similar technologies on this website to improve your online experience and to show tailored advertising to you.

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