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Recycling your Ford

Recycling your Ford

When your Ford comes to the end of its life we will accept it free of charge when delivered to one of the appointed take back stations. We are working in partnership with CarTakeBack.com to provide this service, in strict accordance with the Government’s Environmental Agency and the End of Life Vehicle regulations (EU Directive2000/53/EC).

The End of Life Vehicles Directive

Introduced in 2007, the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (2000/53/EC) requires manufacturers to meet all or a significant part of the cost of processing End-of-Life vehicles with nil or negative market value for all vehicles of their brand(s). Manufacturers and their contracted partners must also reach strict reuse, recovery and recycling targets – 85% of vehicle weight as of 2006 and 95% from 2015.


CarTakeBack.com has the largest network of vehicle manufacturer approved Authorised Treatment Facilities in the UK. They are licensed by the Environment Agency and also meet the Ford quality standards for the receipt, treatment and recovery to the End of Life Vehicle Regulations and ensuring also a state of the art care for customers. Today, an online service is in place to provide a faster service for customers.

We are continuously providing CarTakeBack.com with information on how best to treat and recycle Ford vehicles. If you would like to know more about The Cartakeback.com Company please click here.

  • What is an End of Life Vehicle (ELV)?

    End of Life Vehicles (ELV) are motor vehicles that are categorised as waste. Their components and materials are also classed as waste. Waste is anything that you discard, intend to discard or are required to discard. This includes material sent for recycling or reuse.

    All provisions of the end-of-life vehicle legislation apply to all cars and light goods vehicles that have a maximum of 9 seats and weigh up to 3,500kg.

    How much will it cost for me?

    Free if the conditions below are met.

    What are the conditions?

    CarTakeBack.com will accept end of life vehicles when delivered to one of their appointed take-back facilities which meet the following conditions:

    • The vehicle is a passenger vehicle with a maximum of nine seats and weighs 3.5 tonnes or less
    • It is complete, i.e. contains the essential components, including engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels and catalytic converter (where fitted)
    • It is free from additional waste (e.g. garden/household waste, additional tyres)

    What documents should I take with me? What documents will be issued?

    You are required to take photographic identification and your Ford vehicle registration certificates with you to any of the CarTakeBack.com’s Authorised Treatment Facilities.  Typically, the Certificate of Destruction will be issued after 24 hours and sent to you by email or post. The Certificate of Destruction ensures that the vehicle will be treated and disposed of legally and environmentally correctly.

    What happens at the Authorised Treatment Facility?

    1. Certain components such as tyres, batteries, glass and liquids will be removed.
    2. Any re- useable parts or systems that can be remanufactured will be removed.
    3. Non-metallic parts are removed and/or dismantled.
    4. The bodyshell will be crushed and compacted the body and recycling recovery processes will follow.
    5. Finally, the Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will be issued to you. 

    Where is the nearest take-back facility?

    For your nearest location, either call the Ford Relationship Centre on 0330 066 95 85 or find a Take-Back facility here.

    Alternatively, you can call the CarTakeBack.com’s customer information line on 0845 257 3233 or visit CarTakeBack.com website for further information.