How to Change Your Wiper Blades

For your safety, your wipers need to be in the best condition. Here’s how to check and replace them: 

  • First, turn on your ignition. Your engine doesn’t need to be running.
  • Next turn on your wipers. When they’re upright, turn them off. 
  • Now turn off your ignition.
  • Pull up the wiper stalk and wipe the blades with a damp cloth.
  • To check the blades, run your fingers along the window facing edge. 
  • If the blades feel rough or hard, they need to be replaced.
  • TOP TIP: Are your wipers juddering, squeaking, or not clearing your windscreen properly? If so, then they need replacing.
  • TOP TIP: Buy the recommended wiper blades from your Ford Parts Dealer and they’ll fit them free of charge. 
  • To remove the old blade, hold it by the connector, press the locking button and pull the old wiper out.
  • TOP TIP: While the blade’s off, put a cloth under the stalk. This can help prevent your windscreen getting scratched.
  • Putting a new blade on is easy: just follow the removal instructions in reverse.
  • Push the new blade into the stalk. The locking button ‘clicks’ when it’s in the right position. 
  • Now for the rear…
  • Hold the stalk and end of the blade firmly. Twist and snap the blade out. It’s normal for this to take some effort!
  • To fit a new blade, start by holding the top of the stalk. 
  • Position the blade correctly, then click it in with your thumbs.

For further information, please see your owner's manual or local Ford dealership.


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