How to Adjust Your Tyre Pressure

Not quite sure how to inflate your tyres to the correct pressures? Watch this short video and, within minutes, you’ll know how to do it the proper way.

Tyre pressure can affect your car’s handling and fuel efficiency, so it needs to be right. Here’s how to adjust the pressures correctly:

  • First, make sure your handbrake’s on and the ignition’s off.
  • Inside your door frame, a chart shows the correct tyre pressures: they’re marked in PSI and BAR. 
  • Unscrew the dust caps. And keep them somewhere safe!
  • Use a foot pump to inflate your tyres, or use an air pump machine at a petrol station. 
  • TOP TIP: With some machines, you adjust the pressure. Others inflate your tyres automatically when you set the PSI or BAR number.
  • Got a spare tyre? Then it’s worth checking that, too. 
  • When you’re finished, don’t forget to screw all your dust caps back on securely. 

That’s how easy it is to adjust your Ford’s tyre pressures.

But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can always refer to your Owner’s Manual, or simply contact your Ford Dealer. 

And if you find this video useful, check out the others in our ‘How to…’ series: it’s designed to help you keep your Ford in top condition and make best use of its many features.


Your car may be equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. But this is not a substitute for manually checking tyre pressures. You should periodically check tyre pressures using a pressure gauge. Failure to correctly maintain tyre pressures could increase the risk of tyre failure, loss of control, vehicle rollover and personal injury.

For further information, please see your owner's manual or local Ford dealership.

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