Fuel Contamination/Water in Fuel

Fuel contamination and water in fuel causes poor quality fuel which results in serious vehicle driveability concerns. It is possible to have poor fuel cause damage to the vehicle's fuel system and engine. Fuel contamination or environmental factors are not covered repairs under Ford Motor Company warranties. Regular vehicle use and proper fuel storage is often sufficient to prevent most fuel contamination concerns .

Fuel contamination can occur as the result of vandalism or accident, but fuel contamination also occurs naturally, based on environmental factors. Accidental contamination in fuel could occur from water entering a gas station's underground tanks following a flood or poor quality fuel being delivered to the gas station. Fuel quality deteriorates naturally as part of the aging process as fuel additives evaporate and chemicals change properties.


Fuel system damages and repairs - Your dealership has technical resources available to diagnose fuel system concerns, determine warranty coverage, and make necessary repairs. Careful consideration is taken to confirm the source of fuel system or engine damage. If it is determined that fuel contamination or water in the fuel are the cause of damages, the customer is responsible for completing necessary repairs.



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