Using Auto Start-Stop

Using Auto-Start-Stop with Manual Transmission

To Stop the Engine

  1. Stop your vehicle.
  1. Shift into neutral.
  1. Release the clutch and accelerator pedal.

To Restart the Engine

For vehicles with manual transmission, fully depress the clutch pedal.


Using Auto-Start-Stop with Automatic Transmission

WARNING: Fully apply the parking brake and shift into park (P) before leaving your vehicle.

To Stop the Engine

  1. Release the accelerator pedal.
  1. Stop your vehicle in drive (D).
  1. Maintain pressure on the brake pedal.

Note: The engine will also shut down if the gearshift lever is in park (P) or neutral (N) regardless of brake pedal position.

To Restart the Engine

Release the brake pedal or press the accelerator pedal.


Switching the System On and Off

When you switch the ignition on, the system automatically turns on.

To switch the system off, press the switch and the word OFF illuminates. Press again to switch the system back on. The system only switches off for the current ignition cycle.



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