Vehicle Cyber Security Threats

Ford has a connected vehicle cyber security team, and puts in place various technical and organisational security measures to protect Connected Vehicle Information, including access controls to limit unnecessary or unauthorised access to Connected Vehicle Information, as well as cyber security measures such as hashing and encrypting data.

We actively participate in several joint industry forums focused on how to approach these complicated technical issues. In addition to mobile vehicle security professionals, we also work with organisations within the larger community of cybersecurity professionals, including the BITS Information Systems Audit and Control and Manufacturing work group, and apply these broader best practices to the vehicle, where applicable.

Ford is also proud to be a founding participant in an industry-wide effort to address emerging issues through the Automotive Information Sharing Analysis Center (the Auto-ISAC). The Auto ISAC serves as a central point for automakers, suppliers and other stakeholders to share cyber intelligence, coordinate, and respond to vehicle electronic cyber threats.


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