Wallbox RFID / Chargecards - Information, Troubleshooting & Lost Cards

Wallbox Radio Frequency Identification Cards & Chargecards

You are issued with an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card when you purchase your Ford Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) / Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and your card will be sent to you by post. This will allow you to utilise public chargers and ensure you are kept moving, Ford is one of the founding members of Ionity, a network of public charging stations enabling you to keep your Ford BEV charged and keep you on the move. To support our long range BEV, Ford is currently a partner investor in Ionity, to provide high power charging to our BEV customers and support long range travel.

*Images above reflect the PHEV RFID card.

Troubleshooting Issues with RFID Tokens / Chargecards

Like all technology, RFID is not perfect. Here is a list of actions you can take to help ensure your RFID card is operating properly.

  1. RFID cards work through radio signals. To avoid interference from other cards please only present one card at a time to the reader.
  2. The card and reader are designed to work through close contact between them. Remove the card from your wallet and place directly in front of the reader to activate/deactivate the charger.
  3. Keep your card safe and secure at all times. You are liable for any costs incurred from the use of your card.

If your RFID token / Chargecard is not recognised by the charger you are trying to use, please follow the steps below

  • Check your APP to see if the charger is in the Ford network
  • Check to ensure you have a valid payment method on your account
  • Does the RFID card work on any other charger?
  • Phone the support number printed on your RFID card
  • Check to ensure NewMotion have not suspended your card

Lost or Stolen RFID Cards

The RFID card can suffer from physical damage in the same way that a credit, debit, store card, or loyalty card can. If the card is damaged and does not work, a replacement will need to be requested. It is important to request a replacement card through the  official route to ensure that the new replacement card is linked to your account. A replacement card can be requested via the Ford CRC. Please click here to view the internal process for replacement cards.

If your card is stolen, please contact the Ford Customer Relationship Centre on 020 3564 4444 immediately so the card can be locked out of your account. Similar to a charge card, the RFID needs to be locked to prevent abuse or mis-use of your card and your account.

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