Ford Direct: RAC Check

The RAC conducts two rounds of independent inspections; firstly to ensure that the Ford Direct standard has been met during the reconditioning process, then again as an added safeguard just before delivery to the Dealership.

Here’s an overview of the areas covered by the detailed RAC inspection:

  1. Upper bodywork condition.
  2. Paintwork condition.
  3. Interior trim and condition.
  4. Vehicle instrumentation and control functionality.
  5. In-car entertainment and satellite navigation systems (where applicable).
  6. Servicing history.
  7. All fluid levels.
  8. Interior and exterior lights operation.
  9. Locks and remote control locking operation.
  10. Accessories including vehicle jack and tool kit.
  11. Vehicle engine note.

Once a vehicle has passed this inspection, it’s issued with an RAC approved certificate and Ford Direct security windscreen hologram. This guarantees that your car meets our standard and is approved by us.


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