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Kuga PHEV Safety Action

Firstly, Ford prides itself as a family company and we like to think of our customers as a part of that extended family. We are aware that, as part of our family, we have let our customers down on this occasion. We are committed to make things right with our customers vehicles. 

We have identified that cell contamination in the drive battery system was the cause of the issue that a small number of Kuga PHEV vehicles experienced. Given the potential serious consequences that could arise from this we have decided to install a new drive battery pack to your vehicle. The vehicle will need to be in a workshop for at least a full day so that your dealer can complete all of the work necessary including all software updates. 

Having identified the cause of the concern and solution, we understand that our customers would like to know how quickly their vehicle will be fixed and we would like to explain the timing and our commitment to our affected customers.

  • We will prioritise our work in the order in which the vehicles were purchased
  • Based on the procurement of the parts and planning required with our dealer partners, we anticipate being able to commence work in late December and will continue until all work has been completed, which likely will take until March.  
  • We are working hard on getting a fix date for the affected vehicles and we will be in touch towards the end of November with a suggested booking period
  • We will minimise the inconvenience to our customers by arranging to pick up and deliver their affected vehicles from their home or place of work and will provide them with a courtesy car whilst their vehicle is being updated should our customers so require
  • As a goodwill gesture to acknowledge the inconvenience caused to our affected customers and loss of the fuel economy benefit they were expecting from their vehicle, they will shortly receive the complementary fuel card as previously communicated. We do apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced and assure you that we are continuing to work very hard to make things right so that you can enjoy your new Kuga PHEV to the full and in the way that we intended.


In the meantime, please continue to use your car in EV Auto mode and do not use the plug-in charger or use the Sport and Snow/Sand mode while driving. As long as you do this, your vehicle remains safe to drive in EV Auto mode. If you have any other issues with your vehicle, please make sure to directly contact your Ford dealer. 

In case you have any questions or would like to talk to us on this, or any other matter, please get in touch with us directly via our Customer Relationship Centre on 02035644444. Please also note that a formal recall notification will be posted to you in the next week regarding this issue. 

Please see a link to a video message from the Managing Director of Ford of Britain and Ireland.


Safety Action Update


We want to update all our customers who do not yet have the cars to let them know how we are proceeding with getting their Kuga PHEV to them. They fall in to three groups:


  1. Customers whose cars have been built and are either with their dealer or still in transit
  2. Customers whose cars have been built but have not yet left the Valencia Production Facility
  3. Customers whose cars have not yet been built but have been ordered or scheduled to be built

For customers in group 1, we will be replacing your battery pack and doing all other necessary rework of your vehicle before you take delivery. This work will be done at the dealership where you ordered your car (unless you advise us otherwise) and will commence as soon as we have completed existing customer cars – likely from March onwards.

For customers in group 2, we will be putting your vehicles through a comprehensive and exhaustive series of tests at the plant to check the state of the main battery pack. Through discussions and detailed tests with our supplier, we have already identified that battery packs built later can be tested to ensure their performance. Every vehicle will be fully tested prior to leaving the plant and all other rework will be completed.  The equipment to do these tests is very specialised and not available in dealerships which is why we can only do these tests at our Valencia facility. Once all these tests have been passed, vehicles will be able to start being delivered. Your dealer will be able to identify these vehicles and then get in contact with you to advise delivery times.

Finally, for customers in group 3, we will start production of these cars from December onwards using fully tested battery packs from the supplier that had already been produced and shipped to Valencia, but again going through the extensive testing process that can only be done in the Valencia production facility. We will build these cars in the order that they originally were placed. Again, your dealer will be able to see which vehicles are scheduled to be built, so your primary contact should be with your dealer to check the latest status.

We understand that in all cases, you are facing a wait for your vehicle, so we are making several goodwill gestures to thank you for your patience and loyalty. Firstly, we will price protect your car, so you pay the price originally agreed with your dealer and not be impacted by any subsequent price increases. Secondly, we will offer you a free 3 year Ford Protect service plan. Lastly, on delivery of your vehicle, we would like to offer you a fuel card to be used with your vehicle.

We realise you may have questions and we will do our best to answer them. You can do this by contacting the CRC on 0203 564 4444 or CRCRECAL@ford.com or your dealer. We hope this information is of use as we work as quickly as possible to resolve this issue for you. We appreciate your patience.

We will update this page with new information and also contact you by email (where we have your email address). To update your personal information and marketing preference please log into or register for access to Ford Account you can also access personalised information about your vehicle. This includes your owner's manual, software updates, how-to videos, live chat, and more. Your Ford Account and FordPass app log in details are the same.

Should you have any additional concerns, special mobility needs or questions, please contact the Ford Customer Contact Centre on telephone number 0203 564 4444 (option 4) through our Email - UKCRC1@ford.com or live chat on Ford.co.uk

We are available during our Opening Hours [Mon-Fri 8.00am-20.00pm / Sat 8.00am - 12.00pm]


  • As part of Ford’s ongoing safety processes, we have identified a potential concern with the high voltage drive battery on Kuga PHEVs. While this was initially a concern on those vehicles built prior to June 25, 2020, in the interests of safety we have now extended the remit of this action to include all Kuga PHEVs.

    In the highly unlikely event that the vehicle’s high voltage (HV) battery develops a technical issue, it may be necessary for the HV battery to vent hot gases to release pressure and heat. This could possibly result in a fire.

  • We are aware of a very small number of confirmed fire incidents, which we are further investigating with the utmost urgency. We are not aware of any accidents or injuries in these incidents.

  • Ford is expediting the evaluation of the best service procedure. Owners will be contacted individually as soon as the service procedure is available to schedule an appointment with their dealership. In the meantime, all Kuga PHEVs are safe to drive as long as you do not charge the high voltage drive battery and use the vehicle only in the EV Auto drive mode, the vehicle’s default drive mode, until any updates are made. We apologise for this inconvenience.

  • You are asked not to plug your vehicle in to charge the high voltage battery. It is also important that you leave the vehicle in the default “Auto EV” drive mode for every journey until repair work is carried out by your Ford dealer. Owners are being individually contacted. We also will discuss with you as soon as possible when to schedule the rework at your chosen dealership once a complete approved fix is in place.

  • In EV Auto mode only a small proportion of the battery is charged enabling driving the car in hybrid mode. Charging will be limited to recuperation of energy while braking. The vehicles remain safe to drive under this condition.

  • The Kuga PHEV has 4 drive modes.


    • EV Auto – the safe mode customers to use until reworks are completed – automatically uses electric energy if available and adds the engine when needed (default mode)
    • EV Later – Saves battery power for later use
    • EV Now – Starts pure electric drive assuming the battery has enough energy to support this
    • EV Charge – Charges the battery while driving for later use e.g. in city areas.


    Only the first drive mode should be used until further notice in the affected vehicles.

  • Should you have any additional concerns or questions, please contact the Ford Customer Contact Centre on telephone number 020 3564 4444 (option 4), via email UKCRC1@ford.com  or live chat.