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Ford’s Driving Skills for Life event is back!

The nationwide DSFL programme continues in 2019 at the Trafford Centre, Manchester on the weekend of 4th – 5th May. 

Ford Driving Skills for Life

Our FREE hands-on practical driver training takes place over a half day and is aimed at new drivers, typically 18-24 years old and who are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident on UK roads.

You will experience real-world situations and learn invaluable skills from a first-hand perspective, all behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta.

What does the training involve?

Oversteer Control

Special synthetic tyres are applied to the back wheels of the Fiesta, simulating loss of control at low speeds.

The aim of this is for drivers to understand, and to put in to practice, what it means to 'turn into the skid', experiencing what it feels like to lose control and ultimately have the ability to correct it.

Speed and Hazard Recognition

Designed to help you understand both stopping distances and how quick your reaction times are, Hazard Recognition is a great way to fully appreciate real-world driving situations.

A set of three traffic lights are positioned next to each other, and it is your job to perform an emergency stop towards whichever one turns green at a controlled speed. This is designed to help you understand how much distance is actually covered compared to what you might perceive when travelling at speed.

Distractions & Simulated Impairment

Making a return to Ford DSFL is the full body impairment suit and goggles, simulating full-body sensory impairment through the consumption of drink and drugs to help you better understand the dangers this poses to driving.

You will also try to complete a controlled course whilst actively using a mobile phone at the wheel, and the high risks and dangers associated with it.

To complement each of our practical sessions, Ford DSFL also have a number of highly skilled personnel that have expertise in areas outside of your own driving skills. You will even try out Ford’s innovative auto technology – Active City Stop!

Share the Road

For the first time this year DSFL is offering a “Share The Road” module aimed at promoting safer interaction between drivers and cyclists on Europe’s roads.

The new module teaches DSFL participants about the “Dutch Reach” technique of getting out of a car without inadvertently opening your door into an on-coming cyclist, cyclist blind spot training and safe passing distances when overtaking cyclists.

Participants will also get to experience the ground-breaking virtual reality experience “WheelSwap” that enables motorists and cyclists to see how inconsiderate driving and riding can be at the least hair-raising – and potentially fatal – for their fellow road-users. In 2018, 78 per cent of DSFL participants who tried it said they would change their behaviour towards other road users.