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HigherApprenticeship in Engineering (SE Essex)

As a Higher Apprentice in Ford you will be working for one of the most exciting Manufacturers in the world. At the same time as learning a fantastic range of new skills in Engineering you will also be studying for a range of qualifications that will lead to the completion of a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (BEng.) Best of all, unlike some of your peers who decide to go straight from school to university, you won’t be paying your own tuition fees, and you will be earning a salary at the same time as earning your degree.

How to Apply

Hear from one of our apprentices

Why did you choose a Higher Apprenticeship?
I chose an apprenticeship as an alternative to studying a full time degree as it would offer me the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, along with a qualified education whilst in paid employment. 

Ford has started a Higher Apprenticeship programme which offers you the chance to gain a NVQ Level 2, NVQ Level 4, BEng in Mechanical Engineering over the 4 years with a 8 month rotary plan in different sections of the company, this offer is certain to open up many opportunities for me in the future. 

What’s good about working for Ford Motor Company?
I have relatives who currently work for Ford Motor Company, they praise the company on so many levels, I have discovered since joining Ford that there are some excellent opportunities to develop my skills and improve my knowledge – e.g. I may have the opportunity to travel to Germany to complete additional testing which allows you to gain valuable experience whilst working abroad. 

As an apprentice, the company also offers schemes such as EDAP which enables you to gain a non-work related skill of your choice. They also offer a great support and mentoring team for me from the commencement of my apprenticeship which allows me to manage my own personal development. 

What training and qualifications have you been doing?
For our induction we received a week’s insight at Dunton Technical Centre which outlines the values and expectations of the company. We also took part in an outbound course which gave us the opportunity to meet with other apprentices who have been recruited recently. 

We then began our practical training at CEME, starting with the NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations (PEO). The training will provide me with a full understanding of the manufacturing technologies available and will give me the confidence when speaking with engineers on future projects. 

As part of my apprenticeship qualification I am completing a degree course at The University of Greenwich. Combining a degree course with practical experience will enable me to learn to balance my workload and prioritise, which are key qualities you need to have when working in a business environment. 

Any tips or advice you would give someone thinking of applying for a Higher Apprenticeship?
The Higher Apprenticeship requires a lot of hard work and dedication that you can demonstrate through outside experience and grades achieved throughout your academic life. I found it particularly beneficial to gain Engineering experiences. I would suggest you complete some volunteer work so you will have more to relate to within an interview. Be confident in what you know and research the company before your interview.

How to Apply