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Close shot of new Ford engines assembly

Supplier Technical Assistance (STA)

Our Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) organisation is responsible for ensuring the parts and systems delivered from our external suppliers, are of the highest possible quality and delivered on time in the required quantities. With over 1,300 suppliers located in Europe supplying Ford globally, our Engineers work with our suppliers to develop and install the most efficient and capable manufacturing facilities which will consistently deliver components and systems of the highest quality for assembly in our vehicles. You will have a real opportunity to be contributing across our global organisation. 

As an STA Engineer with Ford of Europe, you will:

  • Apply quality tools and techniques at supplier’s manufacturing facilities to ensure they consistently produce high quality product.
  • Work closely with the Purchasing and Product Development to select the most capable and efficient suppliers.
  • Resolve manufacturing and quality issues at suppliers' facilities.
  • Ensure supplier's manufacturing facilities can deliver sufficient quantity of parts to meet customer's demands.
  • Evaluate suppliers in Europe to ensure systems are maintained to the high standards expected by Ford.
  • Evaluate prospective suppliers to Ford to ensure they have the capabilities to meet the increasing demands both in terms of quality and supply.

The continued drive for improved quality of new products that our customers want and value means STA is fundamental to supporting these targets are achieved in an ever increasing competitive business environment.

In the STA organisation you’ll have opportunities to work on the program, Site and business office areas with additional training including Six Sigma available as part of your on-going development plan.