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Eligibility Criteria


Grants cannot be provided to individuals.

Grant applications from the following organisations will be considered:

  • Registered charities
  • Schools/PTAs (Non-fee paying, state sector schools only. Independent/private, fee paying, schools will not be considered)
  • Non-profit organisations (including small clubs and societies)

(N.B. Community Interest Companies cannot apply for a Ford Britain Trust grant)

Grant applications supporting the following activities will be considered:

  • Work that has clear benefits to the local community/environment
  • Work with young people/children
  • Education/schools (mainstream)
  • Special education needs
  • People with disabilities

Grant applications will be considered from all British locations. However, applications for projects being undertaken/expenditure being made in areas that are in close proximity to Ford Motor Company Limited/FCE Bank plc locations in the UK will receive a higher weighting. Please refer to the postcode lists to determine whether your project is in a community where Ford employees live and work.

Grant applications are considered for the following purposes:

  • Contributions to capital projects (e.g. refurbishments)
  • Capital expenditure items (e.g. furniture/equipment/computers)
  • Contributions towards the purchase of new Ford vehicles (maximum grant £2,000)

Additional conditions:

  • Applications for IT equipment will be subjected to the list below:
    • PC (inc software) £450
    • Laptop (inc software) £500
    • Colour printer (laser) £200
    • 3D Printer £1,250
    • Projector £250
    • Smart Board £2,200
    • i-pad/mini £400/£200
    • MacBook £1,000
  • Grants towards buying new Ford vehicles will be for a maximum of £2,000. If you are intending to buy vehicles, you will need to confirm that at least two thirds of the purchase price has been raised from other funding sources

Grant applications are NOT considered if they support the following purposes or activities:

  • Core funding
  • General running costs
  • Major building works
  • Sponsorship or advertising
  • Research
  • Overseas projects 
  • Travel
  • Religious projects
  • Political projects
  • Purchase of second-hand vehicles
  • Third party fundraising initiatives (exceptions may be made for fundraising initiatives by Ford Motor Company Limited employees and retirees)

Guidance notes for Grant Applicants 2018