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Servicing and repair. Frequently asked questions
If you have a question about servicing or repairing your vehicle, you may well find the answers below.
Questions about servicing
How often should I get my car serviced?
Your owner’s manual contains information on the service intervals for your vehicle. Alternatively, ask your Ford Dealer. To find one, use our Dealer Locator.
Why should I get my car serviced at a Ford Dealer?
Like any vehicle, your Ford needs regular servicing to keep it in the best condition and to maintain its value. Only a Ford Dealer has Ford-trained technicians, Ford-specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment designed specifically for your vehicle.
What’s the benefit of using Ford original parts?
Your Ford starts life with all Ford original parts, which fit and perform perfectly together. But replacing a Ford original part with one which fails to meet our quality standards may compromise the performance of your vehicle, not to mention its levels of safety. Using Ford original parts reduces fitting time to a minimum and guarantees that they meet our stringent quality and safety standards. It will maximise your car’s performance and its value, too.
More about Ford original parts.
Where can I get my car serviced?
Use the link below to find a Ford Dealer. They’ll be happy to help you with any other servicing questions you may have and to book your car in for a service.
Locate your Ford Dealer
Questions about repairs
What should I do if I have an accident?
The best thing to do is download our Emergency Accident Report right now, print it out and keep it in your glove compartment. That way, if you're involved in an accident, you can record the details while they’re still fresh in your mind. This will help you provide your insurance company with all  the information they need, when you come to notify them.
Download the Ford Emergency Accident Report (PDF).

Why Ford Insure?
No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen, so we’ve designed Ford Insure exclusively for Ford owners. It provides attractive services and premiums and the peace of mind that help is on its way.

  • Quick and hassle-free claim administration
  • Professional repair with Ford Original Parts guarantee
  • New replacement vehicle if a bought-new vehicle is written off in the first twelve months
  • Glass repair at no cost (100% covered by most insurers)
  • 24-hour emergency assistance following an accident
  • Inclusion of a third-party insurance for rental cars in foreign countries
  • Full casco (comprehensive) option

Find out more about Ford Insure.

Technical frequently asked questions

Who can I contact for specific technical information?
We recommend you contact a Ford Dealership for technical information, as they not only have the relevant knowledge and experience, but also direct access to our technical support services. Alternatively, you can contact the Ford Technical Information Centre directly on 0906 5533447. Please note that this is a premium rate line and calls are charged at £1.03p per minute. You can also write to the Ford Technical Information Centre at:
Ford Technical Information Centre, PO Box 12060, Colchester, Essex. CO1 9PF.

How will I know if my vehicle is affected by a safety recall?
In the unlikely event that we need to recall some of our vehicles for safety reasons, we’ll send a letter to the registered owner on our database, requesting that the repair work is completed as quickly as  is convenient. You can also contact your local Ford Dealership or the Customer Relationship Centre who will be pleased to assist you further.

Will I be charged for any recall work carried out on my vehicle?
No. Any recall action carried out by a Ford Dealer will be free of charge.