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Maintenance and Running Costs

Maintenance and Running Costs

The cost of running a vehicle

Although buying a vehicle is a large upfront cost, running it can account for around 40% of its Whole Life Cost. These costs can be split into fuel and Service, Maintenance and Repair, known as SMR for short.


This is the second largest factor in the Whole Life Cost. To help you to reduce costs we are constantly improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions on our vehicles. Official combined average mpg figures, as published by the Department of Transport, can be found at http://carfueldata.direct.gov.uk


It is estimated that service, maintenance and repair costs account for around 15% of a vehicle’s Whole Life Costs. All of the vehicle’s service schedules, average labour rates and the cost of spare parts (normally brakes, exhaust, clutch and tyres) are taken into account for this figure.

To help you manage maintenance in the most cost-effective way, we have a fixed price menu for different jobs. The prices are reflective of the labour costs in the area where the maintenance work will be undertaken. You can find recommended maximum prices for all our vehicles in our Fleet National Pricing Programme.

You can find more details on service intervals at Vehicle Servicing and from the Service Interval guide. And see what aftersales support we can offer you with Aftersales Support.