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Our industry-leading portfolio of products covers everything to keep your drivers safe and mobile 24/7. Ford Fleet Management together with a network of strategic partners provides fleet support services outlined below.


Widest choice, greatest flexibility, maximum convenience

If you need an extra vehicle at short notice, then we have an approved network of rental partners with over 180,000 vehicles and 70,000 specialist and commercial vehicles at over 500 locations throughout the UK. We’re here to keep you and your company on the road, whether you need a car at short notice, a specialist vehicle for a few weeks or a commercial van for a year. We can help you find which vehicle and rental packages are best for your business purposes. We will offer the widest choice, the greatest flexibility and maximum convenience, so you can treat us as a one-stop shop.

What we offer:

  • Flexible solutions to match your entire business needs; 
    • Daily hire for business trips 
    • Ford Fleet Management’s PoolFleet solution for new starters or business projects
  • 100% order guarantee and 2-hours delivery timeFFM - Delivery time
  • One way destination hires
  • Easy to use, secure on-line booking service available 24 hours a day
  • Timely and accurate invoicing with consolidated reporting
  • Dedicated account management and customer support
  • Low delivery/collection costs and fuel recharges
  • No Surprises – any damage re-charges held to BVRLA Rental standard, managed on your behalf regardless of rental provider


There is a wealth of health and safety legislation that sets out employers’ clear duties to manage occupational road risk. Our comprehensive suite of road risk management services can help ensure driver safety and compliance with legislation, this in turn can also reduce your business costs and improve your fleet sustainability.

Our cost-effective and simple solution, includes the following tools:

  • Allows occasional, and cash allowance, drivers to record the car they are driving for business and confirm the car is roadworthy and fully insured. Gives drivers reminders of when action is required to maintain the roadworthy status or insurance is due for renewal.

  • Allows an employee to give permission for their driving licence to be checked. Mandates can be uploaded, scanned or photographed & sent, daily feed for updates, real time data, electronic signature.

  • Online psychometric tests and eyesight declarations complemented with Driver Training if required.

  • Profiling tool to view drivers in terms of their overall risk based on their Licence check, driver and vehicle status, risk assessment result and eyesight declaration.


Keeping your fleet fuelled is not only a large cost consideration, but requires efficient management.

Monitoring and controlling this key spend has a range of benefits beyond the advantage of a lower fuel bill. Ford Fleet Management is constantly developing technological solutions for ongoing improvements to our customers administration tasks, and to improve your costs.

Key features and advantages:

Our comprehensive fuel card offer provides a range of practical and cost-effective solutions to manage and reduce your fuel spend. 

The many benefits include: 

  • Comprehensive reporting suite on all fuel expenditure
  • Online administration portal available 24/7
  • Access to industry experts from the leading fuel card supplier in the UK


We can offer a range of integrated services to take the strain of fleet management from our customers. Unpaid fines can be a problem for a company as well as the driver. Trying to track down drivers who owe fines or trying to work through data to see who repeat offenders are can take valuable time.

The Solution:

As part of Ford Fleet Management’s Tolls and Fines Management solution, we can automatically pay the fine on a driver’s behalf, whether that is for a toll, parking or moving violation. Further, we can supply monthly reports that show repeat offenders who can be identified for further training. These reports also give you a macro picture to identify and benchmark trends for cost management going forward.


The management of grey fleet drivers can bring its own specific problems. Some businesses may find it suits them to have employees driving their own cars when on company business – also known as 'grey fleet'. But employers still have the same legal duty of care for the safety of grey fleet drivers as they do for those driving company vehicles.

The Solution:

We will help you ensure the efficiency and compliance of your grey fleet by addressing:

  • Grey fleet environmental impact
  • Need for audit trail related to mileage claims

Key benefits at a glance:

Companies have a legal responsibility; it is up to them to ensure that employees remain safe at all costs, especially when out on fieldwork or away on a business trip. our online risk management solution is designed to help companies manage these risks.

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Can be used to monitor MOT tests, road tax, insurance renewals and vehicle servicing
  • Can be tailored to meet individual business needs
  • 24/7 online reporting with full audit trail
  • Easy to incorporate into wider risk management programme

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