At the heart of Fords Uptime commitment are our FORDLiive Centres. Our FORDLiive Centres are connected in real time to all of our Transit Service Dealers and have end to end visibility of all repairs going through their workshops.

FORDLiive Agent


The FORDLiive agents are responsible for monitoring all commercial vehicles that are undergoing repairs within our Transit Service Dealers. If the vehicle repair process is delayed, from vehicle recovery through to completion, the FORDLiive agent will collaborate with the repairing dealer and Ford specialist departments will intervene to expedite and resolves issues, addressing delays even before you call.


Our Transit Service Dealers & Roadside Assistance Partners are connected in real time to Ford through our alert system, UptimePro.

Our FORDLiive Agents use UptimePro to monitor repair progress of vehicles through our Transit Service Dealer Network. UptimePro monitoring is available from the moment a vehicle requests roadside assistance all the way through to the completion of the repair. If a delay is detected in repair progress, UptimePro will automatically alert FORDLiive Agents who will then take the appropriate action to resolve any issues and expedite the repair.

FORDLiive Agent


Ford Fleet Management offers bespoke service level agreements tailored to maximise uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase overall fleet efficiency.

Using Ford Telematics, we can monitor vehicle health in real-time, proactively suggest maintenance and repairs, and schedule them when it best suits your drivers and your business.

And should a vehicle need more extensive work, you will have a choice of appropriate replacements. So, your business can stay up and running without interruption.

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