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Ford Fleet Management offers a complete support package, whether your fleet is fully electric or you are just getting started with electric fleet vehicles.


The ecosystem of electrified transportation is developing rapidly, and our purpose is to help you make the right decision in this fragmented environment. FFM experts can offer advice on powertrain transition to ensure that your business needs for electrification are met over the short and long term.

  • Our electric vehicle experts can provide specialist advice on fleet electrication including:

    • Carbon footprint analysis and reporting
    • Total cost of ownership
    • Fleet policy reviews
    • Driver suitability & training telematics
    • Charging infrastructure
  • We offer a customised vehicle charging solution that works for your business. We help you identify where your drivers spend time and connect you into a reliable, convenient charging network.

  • From mild-hybrid to all-electric, we'll help you navigate the options. Using insight from across the automative industry, our knowledgable electric consultancy team can advise on the right electric vehicles to support your business.

  • Ford Fleet Management offers a smart approach to financing fleet electrification. From contract hire, finance or flexible fleet leasing, to sale and leaseback, we're here to guide you through the choices.

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FFM FleetVision is a fleet management platform designed to deliver 3 powerful solutions: Smart Maintenance, Proactive Uptime and Ford Pro Service. These offer your business these key benefits.

Fleet Efficiency

  • Integration with Ford Connected vehicle data provides accurate diagnosis of, and rapid response to, any problems
  • Easy service and MOT booking, plus we  can combine repairs with regular maintenance to reduce the time any fleet vehicle is off the road
  • Maintenance reminders reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Your dedicated Uptime team identify issues immediately and send fault codes directly to repair centres



  • A smart overview of all your fleet vehicles, with access to comprehensive reports - no need for multiple spreadsheets
  • One central tool for all your fleet administration
  • Management of replacement vehicles when needed, and out-of-hours mobile servicing bookingsSubject to availability dis



Our team of Uptime experts work with you in relation to safety and compliance regulations to provide the best solution for your fleet vehicles and drivers, with minimum disruption to your business.


Thanks to a unique blend of innovative technologies, vehicles are kept at peak efficiency. Everything can be monitored, analysed and acted upon, including vehicle health checks, individual driver’s behaviour and fleet running costs. Less time finding out how the fleet is working, more time to run your business.

  • Ford vehicle connectivity is driven by the FordPass Connect built-in modem that enables you to stay connected and your vehicles on the move, efficiently, smoothly and safely.

    Ford Telematics is a fleet management tool which includes a multi-make functionality. It allows Ford Fleet Management and fleet managers to manage and optimise all vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, through the easy-to-use interface.

    Ford Fleet Management will utilise the connected vehicle data to monitor your vehicle health. We will look to proactively manage all associated data and tasks that arise to ensure your fleet and drivers are fully optimised and ready for work.

    Complementary to Ford Telematics is a suite of applications enabled by Ford connected vehicle technology. These driver apps allow fleet managers to know who is driving which vehicle, digitise daily vehicle checks, and receive direct reports on damage or mechanical issues. For each driver’s peace-of-mind, Live Lock status lets you check all vehicle doors are locked at a glance. You can even access your Command Centre in the app to lock or unlock doors remotely.

  • Telematics  

    Ford Telematics helps deliver improved uptime, increased efficiency and reduced administration for fleet operators. A redesigned dashboard clearly tracks vehicle performance and health alerts, as well as driver behaviour and fuel efficiency, providing clear insights to help fleet managers operate a safe, legal and efficient fleet.

    What you need to know:

    • Live Map, GPS tracking and Geofencing capabilities, ensure that you know where your fleet is at all times to maximise your asset utilisation
    • Vehicle Health status and configurable Service Alerts highlight vehicles which require immediate attention and remind you about impending scheduled services that Ford Fleet Management can manage and schedule on your behalf. This can help you avoid costly repairs and unexpected downtime
    • Driving insights such as harsh driving and seat belt usage, provide opportunities to improve driver safety.
    • Fuel monitoring and efficiency data identify areas of waste, to reduce running costs
    • We also offer the Ford Telematics Driver app, which enables drivers to provide timely information about the roadworthiness of that vehicle to the fleet manager, by completing vehicle checklists, or by reporting any maintenance issues.
    • Our multi-make functionality, combined with a compatible modem, ensures that Ford Telematics works with your entire fleet, including non-Ford vehicles


    To learn more about how Ford Telematics can improve your fleets uptime and maximise asset utilisation, view our Ford Telematics brochure (PDF 11.6MB) or get in touch with one of our team


    FT Essentials

    Ford Telematics Essentials is an entry level, complimentary, web-based tool suitable for medium to large fleets.

    Ford Fleet Management can proactively monitor and manage the connected vehicle data and real-time health status's of your vehicles displayed via FT Essentials to ensure maximum fleet uptime.

    Ford Fleet Management


    *FT Essentials is compatible with connected Ford Vehicles only. For full telematics functionality for a multi-brand fleet, please contact one of our team who can talk to you about our full Ford Telematics product.

    To learn more about how FFM can manage your connected vehicle health data to increase your fleets productivity get in touch with one of our team or visit FT Essentials page

  • Ford Pass

    Ford Pass offers your fleet drivers a range of connected vehicle features available on your drivers smart-phones:

    • Local hazard information
    • Up-to-date traffic information
    • Added peace of mind (SOS calls)
    • Effortless Connectivity
    • Vehicle Health status and alerts
    • Fuel reports
    • My journeys
    • Driver feedback (breaking & accelerating etc.)
    • Start your engine from anywhere
    • Set charging times
    • Remote locking and unlocking
    • Vehicle location
    • Schedule online appointments with preferred dealer
    • Call roadside assistance

    To learn more about how the Ford Pass app can benefit your fleet drivers and support driver compliance and health and safety, get in touch with one of our team or visit Ford Pass page

    Ford Pass Pro

    Ford Pass Pro is the business app for connected vehicles. It includes all the elements Ford Pass does, plus the following:

    • Manage up to 5 connected vehicles on the app
    • Monitor vehicle locations and health
    • Guard Mode - A heightened state of security on top of your vehicle’s alarm system
    • Remotely unlock & lock cabin or load section separately
    • Track fuel costs


    To learn more about how the Ford Pass Pro app can improve your fleet management and support compliance and health and safety, get in touch with one of our team or visit Ford Pass Pro page

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