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Rebate System

Rebate System

Prompt rebate repayments with our rapid system

Once the Ford Rebate Special Terms of your deal have been agreed, and your vehicles delivered, we make sure your rebates are paid promptly.

Our Automated Rebate Management and Data Analysis (ARMADA) system is one of the most comprehensive and efficient tools in fleet management today.

More than just a payment system

ARMADA not only saves on administration time, it also speeds up rebate payments, and gives you current data about your fleet and the rebates you’ve received.

It supports the following key aspects of fleet business management:


  • Agreeing terms
    tailoring Special Terms to meet your fleet requirements exactly 
  • Acquiring vehicles
    connecting with Dealers to deliver what you need 
  • Automating rebates
    calculating and making rebate payments due to you 
  • Analysing payments
    providing the information you need to reconcile the payments you’ve received

For more details about the ARMADA payment system, call the Ford Business Centre on 0345 723 23 23.