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Ford Business Centre

Ford Business Centre

Opened in 1994, with the aim of delivering the ultimate service for fleet managers of both cars and commercial vehicles, the Ford Business Centre is at the heart of our service to our fleet partners.

A service based on personal contact
As a Ford Fleet customer you’re assigned a Ford Fleet Business Manager, who works in the field, and an Account Support Manager based at the Business Centre. These two named individuals are your dedicated points of contact. 

Your Ford Fleet Business Manager’s aim is to develop an understanding of your business through one-to-one contact. They will build a long-term relationship with you, so they can always provide you with the products and services you need. 

You’re given their mobile phone number, so you can reach them whenever you need to. And if they can’t answer immediately, you are automatically diverted to your other personal contact, your Account Support Manager.

Your Ford Fleet Business Manager’s expertise
Your Business Manager is experienced and highly trained in their area of expertise. They can help you with:

  • Purchasing new cars or commercial vehicles
  • Advising on suitable options and specifications
  • Leasing arrangements
  • Financing your fleet
  • Maintenance and repair enquiries
  • Driver training and support

The largest team in the industry
Ford Fleet boasts one of the largest fleet field resources in the business, with a team of dedicated professionals. 

That’s because we realise that when you’re managing a fleet, you need to speak to someone who understands your business. And that there are times when you need to reach that person instantly. 

Your dedicated Business Manager has specialist expertise that reflects your individual business requirements, whether they be contract hire, corporate fleets, SMEs, rental or the municipal/public sector. Business Managers are supported not only by the Ford Business Centre but also by Ford experts, including designers and engineers. So they can answer any query you have, from product questions to cost of ownership comparisons. 

To contact the Ford Business Centre, call 0345 723 23 23.


Ford Vehicle Demonstration

The Ford Demonstration Fleet sets the standard within the fleet industry, and offers an unrivalled range of cars and commercial vehicles to experience. .

We bring your chosen vehicle to your business premises from one of our six UK Demonstrator sites. It’s delivered by one of our professional drivers. They are fully product trained, so they can answer your queries as well as taking you through a very thorough handover.

Then you can fully evaluate the vehicle at your place of business, and at your convenience.

Please bear in mind that terms and conditions apply..

To find out more, email us or call 0345 723 23 23.