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Fleet Workshops

Fleet Workshops

If the fleet you manage is large enough to warrant its own in-house workshop, you can take advantage of our extra support services. They offer everything from swift, convenient purchase of genuine Ford parts to training courses for your workshop technicians.

It’s all because we want to keep your fleet on the road and working for your business.

  • Genuine Ford parts are designed and developed to function identically to those in the original vehicle. We manufacture our replacement parts to the same high standards as our vehicles. Because, with more than 100 years' experience in vehicle manufacture, we know how important it is to keep your Ford 100% Ford, to ensure the safety of your passengers.

    We offer a range of services that make purchasing them for your fleet a simple and convenient process.

    Ford Parts Plus. A reliable source of genuine Ford parts.

    Parts Plus is a nationwide network of specialist Ford Dealers that gives you quick and convenient access to genuine Ford parts. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge of our experts on parts, but you’ll also receive quality parts that are covered by a replacement parts warranty.

    To find out more, please visit www.fordpartsplus.co.uk, or find your nearest Ford Parts Plus Dealer.

    Ford Ecat. Find the parts you need with our online catalogue.

    Ford Ecat is an electronic parts catalogue that helps you find parts quickly and easily. You can also identify a part’s retail price. 

    Please contact your local Dealer to discuss your access request for Ecat.

  • As manager of a large fleet, you’ll regularly need to buy Ford parts. Ford Fleet Parts Manager simplifies the procees for these regular purchases.

    The Ford Fleet Parts Manager system makes it simple and convenient, every time. It makes it easy to keep track of all your purchases too.

    Why Parts Manager?

    Ford Fleet Parts Manager is a simple and accurate way of purchasing parts.

    The system offers you a host of benefits:

    • You’ll be able to purchase Ford parts as well as parts for other makes of vehicle
    • You’ll get access to a wide range of Dealers across the country, all working to any pre-programmed business terms you have agreed
    • You’ll always be charged the correct price for Ford parts, because your trading terms will be programmed into the system
    • You have the added security of a system that doesn’t use a physical card or card number
    • You’ll save on administration by receiving just one consolidated monthly bill from all participating Ford Dealers
    • You’ll receive electronic VAT receipts down to an individual part level, in addition to full purchasing data, so you can easily keep track of your purchases

    How it works

    Ford Fleet Parts Manager will itemise all your Ford parts purchases on just one simple monthly statement. The system effectively combines Ford data and systems expertise from Clifford Thames to create an easy-to-use, time-saving service. 

    The Ford Fleet Parts Manager process is as follows:

    • Once you've registered, you simply contact the Ford Dealer in the normal way to place your order.
    • Your Dealer then logs on to Ford Fleet Parts Manager, identifies your account and enters the transaction for you.
    • Ford Fleet Parts Manager checks all the transactions using Ford parts and pricing data, in combination with any pre-programmed business terms, to ensure accuracy in line with your trading terms.
    • Clifford Thames settles the Ford Dealer's account on your behalf.
    • Clifford Thames will send you one detailed consolidated bill each month for the total amount you've spent on parts with all Ford Dealers.
    • You'll receive electronic VAT receipts down to an individual part level, in addition to full purchasing data at the end of each month.
    • You'll then have a full 30 days from your date of statement date to settle the account with Clifford Thames.

    How to sign up

    To find out more about Ford Fleet Parts Manager, please contact the Ford Fleet Service Centre on 01277 251 250, or by email on fleetalk@ford.com.

    Alternatively, you can contact your Ford Fleet Aftermarket Business Manager.

  • If one of your fleet vehicles develops a problem, you need it solved as rapidly and painlessly as possible.

    To help your in-house technicians achieve this, Ford Fleet offers a comprehensive range of technical information and resources.

    Ford offers two services to help fleet workshops:

    • Electronic technical information and services (Etis)
    • Quick and easy access to the Ford online parts catalogue

    Electronic technical information and services (Etis)

    Ford Etis is our comprehensive technical information and services website. 

    It provides fast, online access to everything you need to know about servicing and repairing Ford vehicles. 

    We also make sure that all the information on the site is kept up-to-date, making it an easy way for you to get immediate help and support for your fleet.

    Just some of the invaluable services available on Etis are:

    • Detailed mechanical repair and diagnostic procedures
    • Information on how to access the Ford online parts catalogue
    • Details of how to access the Ford technical hotline
    • Identification and ordering of the Special Service Tools necessary to carry out professional repairs
    • Information about vehicle pre-delivery inspection and routine servicing requirements

    To see all the other services available on Ford Etis, and to find out how your fleet can benefit from this resource, please visit www.etis.ford.com

    However, to get the most out of Ford Etis, you’ll need to identify your vehicle’s VIN.

    VIN (chassis number) guide

    We give every single Ford vehicle a unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

    Your Ford vehicle’s VIN number has several different uses:

    • Providing essential security
    • Making it easy to establish the exact build date of your vehicle
    • Enabling you to understand which dates in the Fleet National Pricing listings apply to your vehicle
    • Enabling you to work out exactly which parts of the Ford Etis website are most relevant to you

    The following guide provides a comprehensive table to help you decipher the Ford VIN present on your vehicle’s chassis.

    Please click the link to download the Ford VIN (chassis number) guide: Download the VIN (chassis number guide)

    To find out more about Etis or the VIN guide, please contact the Fleet Service Centre on 01277 251250. Alternatively you can email fleetalk@ford.com.

  • Ford Motor Company offers a variety of comprehensive training courses for all fleet operators who have their own workshops.

    Our training programmes cover both technical and product areas. They will help your technicians develop the skills they need to service and repair your Ford vehicles as efficiently and expertly as possible.

    The courses are delivered at either the Henry Ford Academy, in Daventry, Northamptonshire, or LAGTA in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, Scotland.

    Courses on offer range from those within the ‘Ford Technical Curriculum' which trains Ford Dealer Network technicians up to Master Technician level.

    We also offer bespoke training programmes. In some cases, we can conduct these courses at your premises or at one of the Ford training facilities.

    For full details, to answer any queries or to get costs for all Ford training programmes, please contact 01327 305232 or alternatively you can email hfacad@ford.com

    In addition, if you have any questions about technical training, please call the Fleet Service Centre on 01277 251250 or by email at fleetalk@ford.com.