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Servicing Your Fleet

Servicing Your Fleet

You should have your Ford serviced at either the distance service intervals (after you’ve covered a certain number of miles) or the annual intervals - whichever come sooner. This should keep it safe to drive and running smoothly and you could also avoid the cost of repairs.

When will your vehicle need a service?

You can check your model's recommended service intervals by consulting your service portfolio or asking your Dealer.

What’s included in a Ford service?

All servicing work includes a free 30 point FORD eCHECK  to ensure any minor problems are spotted sooner rather than later. For a full list of the checks covered in each scheduled service, please ask your Dealer.

Where to get your vehicle serviced?

To find your Ford Dealer, use our Dealer Locator.


To find out more information about the benefits of having your Ford serviced by us click here.



We are rolling out mobile servicing in 2017. We’re looking forward to seeing you - at your place.