Ford Fleet Service Manager




Ford Fleet Service Manager is an online solution that can really help provide you with an online service booking, authorisation and invoicing solution.

As you’ll know very well, effective administration and cost control are key to managing your fleet efficiently. Unfortunately, with so much time spent dealing with invoices and on the phone authorising repairs, that’s easier said than done.

For a fleet manager like yourself, it means:

  • A significant reduction in administration – no more paperwork and reduced invoice rejection
  • Fewer telephone calls thanks to online authorisations to ensure accuracy
  • No need to manually process invoices as the electronic invoices are 100% approved
  • No need to check the invoices for parts fitted to your vehicles – they are automatically checked using Ford Technical Validation

Find out how it delivers all these benefits below.

  • How Ford Fleet Service Manager benefits you

    Ford Fleet Service Manager runs on the 1link™ platform to offer:

    • Service booking
    • Electronic authorisation
    • Accurate electronic invoicing
    • Once you’re registered, you can take advantage of all the benefits of using the 1link™ system, along with the following added features:
    • Support for fleets and Ford Dealers that have adopted Fleet National Pricing
    • Fleet National Pricing/Fixed Content Jobs with automatic worksheet population (where applicable)
    • With over 500 Ford franchised repairers (including CV & Mobile Servicing etc.) currently using this system, you won’t find a more efficient way to manage your Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) requirements.

    You can even use Ford Fleet Service Manager as your on-line SMR solution for your non-Ford vehicles too.

  • How Ford Fleet Service Manager works

    Here is a step-by-step guide to the SMR process with Ford Fleet Service Manager:

    1. Using Ford Fleet Service Manager and the 1link™ system, you can book any service or repair on-line. This allows pre-booked services to be pre-authorised.
    2. When the vehicle arrives at the repairer, the repairer enters the registration number into the system which confirms all the vehicle's details (owner, terms etc.).
    3. The repairer will then build the repair order in the system, which consults the business rules for the fleet concerned and transmits an on-line authorisation request.
    4. Once you have accepted the order, the repairer will complete the work required.
    5. The repairer then converts the order into an electronic invoice to be sent to you.
    6. If any repair order should exceed the fleet's pre-specified business rules and tolerances, it will be referred to you for on-line review. From here you can either accept the repair order electronically or refer it back to the repairer for further discussion.
  • How to sign up for Ford Fleet Service Manager

    To sign up for the Ford Fleet Service Manager, please contact your Aftermarket Business Manager.

    Alternatively, you can call the Fleet Service Centre on 01277 251 250 or contact