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Performance and Efficiency

Why choose between power and efficiency? With the Ford Fiesta you can have both. The award-winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine delivers a seamless blend of power and fuel economy. While the new EcoBoost Hybrid features an electric motor to boost power whilst minimising emissions. And with sophisticated driving dynamics, this is the car that delivers a rewarding, no compromise driving experience

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current UK specifications.

EcoBoost Hybrid Technology

The Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid uses an electric motor with a 48-volt battery to support its petrol engine. Instead of driving solely on electric power, the electric motor provides torque assistance to the engine, delivering extra power equivalent to 16 PS, up to 20% better accelerationFocus - non-hybrid EcoBoost. It also uses regenerative braking technology, which charges the mild hybrid’s battery by capturing energy that’s usually lost when you slow down. This helps increase your fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Variable Servicing

Variable Servicing is an intuitive and cost-effective way to maintain your car, designed to increase the maximum length of time between routine services by monitoring numerous factors including time and distance of individual journeys, oil temperature, average vehicle speed and fuel consumption. Variable servicing analyses this data, along with oil wear and degradation, and determines the required routine service intervals of your car tailored to your particular driving cycles, meaning you can benefit from a maximum of up to every 2 years or 18,000 miles before you need to book a service.

Petrol Engine
Ford Fiesta DCT graphic

Fun. Easy. Efficient.

The Ford Fiesta now offers seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission (DCT) version of its advanced EcoBoost Hybrid option. Helping to make driving more efficient and less demanding in stop-start city traffic. Available as an option for the 1.0-litre EcoBoost Hybrid, the seven-speed automatic DCT helps reduce CO2 emissions and running costs. Its electrically enhanced hybrid performance recaptures and redeploys unused energy through regenerative braking. While smooth, seamless DCT shifting enhances Fiesta's already fun-to-drive character.