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Ford driving at night


Discover more about Ford's innovative technology

Innovation is in the very DNA of Ford. We’re continually pushing the boundaries of possibility and invention.

Every vehicle we produce is packed with helpful features, human-centric design and innovative systems. Some of this - such as Traffic Sign Recognition, and SYNC 3 connectivity - you can see immediately. Whereas other technologies – like Hybrid and Electric powertrains, or Intelligent All-Wheel Drive – you can’t.

But rest assured. Every time you drive a Ford, there’s a wealth of technology at work that ensures an enjoyable experience for you and your passengers.

Ford Pass


Seamlessly connect with your vehicle. Wherever you are.

Driving Experience

Clever technologies that make driving easier.

Driver Assistance
Ford Performance

Performance and Efficiency

An unbeatable driving experience - time after time

Safety and Security

Looking after you on each and every trip.

Ford Safety
Ford Smart

Comfort and Convenience

Thoughtful touches that prove it’s delight that’s in the detail.

Bamboo cars are coming

While investment in research has led to breakthroughs in new materials like super strong carbon fibre and lightweight aluminium, soon some surfaces inside Ford vehicles could be made from a combination of bamboo and plastic to create a super hard material.

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