We’ve tried to make things easy as possible for you to find the right tyres for your Ford KA+. First check our guide to tyre sizing opposite. Then use the tables below to find the right tyres for you. All published prices are Recommended Retail Prices – including VAT, wheel balancing, standard valve, fitting and disposal. A range of tyre brands and prices are available, which we’ve arranged into three categories: ‘Premium’, ‘Quality’, and ‘Budget’.


To help make choosing easier, our products are arranged into three categories: ‘Premium’, ‘Quality’, and ‘Budget’.

The prices are benchmarked against the online prices of national tyre retailers and are reviewed on a regular basis. Recommended Retail Prices above are valid from 16 May 2022.

Your Ford Dealer will offer you a tyre from one of the brands listed below. Please note that prices may vary according to the brand of tyre selected.

Premium: Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Hankook, Pirelli, Yokohama

Mid-Range: Avon, Firestone, Kleber, Matador, Nexen, Uniroyal – or equivalent quality

Budget: Any other



Tyre Size

Load Index/ Speed Rating

Budget Recommended Retail

Mid-Range Recommended Retail

Premium Recommended Retail

175/65 R14 82T £52.95 £59.95 £63.95
195/55 R15 85V
£59.95 £87.95 £95.95
195/45 R16 84V
£62.95 £83.95 £92.95


Confused as to which tyres are best for your Ford? We’re here to help you choose the perfect range, at the right price.
  • If you’re keeping an eye on costs, our Budget tyres are a sensible choice and can work well on a Ford KA+. At Ford, we’ll only offer you tyres we know are safe for your vehicle, and we’ll help you keep motoring costs down while still choosing quality, dependable tyres.

  • Choose from our Premium range and you’ll notice the road-holding characteristics of your tyres every time you drive your Ford KA+. Grip, braking and cornering in all sorts of weather – the performance boost will be apparent, and you’ll notice the latest technology’s effect on fuel consumption too.

  • If you’re driving on a day-to-day basis but want to feel driving enhancement from a great set of tyres, then our Mid-Range choices are perfect for your Ford KA+. Although cost effective, they have remarkable durability and quality and will give you impressive driving performance in all weather conditions.

  • Many factors can vary affect the mileage of you get from your tyres. Your vehicle, driving style and road conditions play a part. Typically, most Ford KA+ drivers only need to change tyres after two to three years. In KA+ FWD models, switching front and back tyres can help increase their life.

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